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Same old same old

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Perhaps Joe has it right on this Cubs team. I’m trying to keep my head out of the sands of pessimism this year and hope that things turn around – after all we’re not even at the All Star break yet. That notwithstanding it seems that Joe’s realism is more on the mark than my hopefulness. At least when it comes to this year (in years past it’s been quite the contrary.)

I’d rather not see this site turn into a place where we dog the Cubs but I really have to question a lot of day to day events. Witness tonight’s game – Geovanny Mota’s running decision which took out us out of a big inning (“mota” means “weed” in Mexican slang, see my previous comments on this subject, I’m not being pious and sanctimonious.) I’m just questioning his judgment – let’s face it, Geo is not in shape and he runs like a Mack truck. So what was he thinking?

And, as is often the case the Cubs didn’t hit. Another shutout. Again. What right does the Cubs’ website have to ask for help when it comes to Soriano’s All Star chances? The guy is a lamer this year, no if’s and’s or but’s. I deserve to cover the All Star Game more than Alfonso deserves to be there. Alfonso deserves to watch the All Star Game on his TV which is what most of us will be doing that night – he’s a high priced joke. And so are a lot of his teammates, might I mention Mr. Fukudome and Bradley to name a couple? With this payroll we can’t blame it on leadership, it’s time to hold these guys responsible. Boo Birds of Cubdom unite, let’s raise some Cain in Wrigley! Let these so-called stars know what we think of their skills, I’m quite unimpressed.

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  • lizzie

    I’m with you, Mark. I hate saying bad things about the team we all love and I live for positivity so this is tough all around. But it’s really difficult to come up with anything good to say.

  • One win seems to make the Cubs and their fans so overconfident it really is not funny. Fact is, the bad Pittsburgh pitching staff closed last night’s game with 5 shutout innings, but the 3-1 win let us all sleep a little better. But I did not feel confident, and I am not sorry that they got shut down completely by Ross Ohlendorf. Ross Ohlendorf? Good Lord, the bad ballplayers that feast on the Cubs. So now 14 straight 0s which could easily be 23 by this time tomorrow. Is Ted Lilly the best All-Star candidate on the team? I guess so, but really this team has no All-Star. Lilly may be the worst fielding pitcher I have ever seen. His wild pitch tonight followed by his error would have gotten his can chewed out by any decent high school coach.
    Sure, we still hear “only 3.5 games out and Aramis is coming back.” But we are also only what, one game ahead of the Pirates? Lose tomorrow and come home to see Milwaukee in a tie for last place? This is, so very possible, the replay of 2006 again. A 2-8 road trip after beating only pitiful Cleveland. We may be headed for over 90 losses this year, folks.
    Look back at the 101 years and try to look closely. The worst years, 103 losses; the best years, 97 wins. But at the end, not one of those teams was truly that close to winning. I hate the 97 loss seasons, but they at least don’t break my heart over and over and over again.
    Headed out on vacation and this will be my last comment for at least three weeks. Hold down the fort, fans, keep the faith, and maybe the ballclub will surprise. Went I went to Alaska in 2008 for vacation, the team was sputtering and losing to the Marlins and then headed to Milwaukee to get knocked out of first place. For good, we all feared. And we beat Florida one game on Sunday, swept the Brewers and never looked back.
    May it be so again in 2009!

  • Boy was that error on me a bad one. When I wrote “not sorry” I meant “not surprised” they got shut down. See how bad this hurts?

  • Doc Raker

    Have a nice vacation Rick, maybe there is a minor league club you can watch at your vacation locale, I will bet you will see better baseball.

    Go Smokies!

  • Doc Raker

    Jason Marquis pitched a complete game shutout vs the Dodgers to earn his NL leading 10th win, he must be pitching for a team that scores some runs.

    Poor Rich Hill gave up 9 runs, 7 earned in 3.1 innings vs the Red Sox to raise his era to 7.08. The Orioles rallied down 10-1 in the 8th inning to score 5 in the 8th and 5 in the 9th to beat the Red Sox 11-10. Baseball is such a great game.