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June 2009



Players Don't Wanna Play For Piniella

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  • cubbiedude

    If they don’t want to play for Lou Piniella, or Tony LaRussa, or Joe Torre, (among others) maybe they don’t want to play at all.

    And Lou, Tony and Joe probably wouldn’t want to try to “manage” those “players” anyhow.

    I’ll stick my neck out and shout it here: anybody who doesn’t want to play for Lou Piniella doesn’t have to come to the Cubs. They can play with themselves, instead.

    Good luck, superstars.

  • Mastrick

    Nobody liked playing for Vince Lombardi but they did.

  • MGAD

    Yeah, I don’t put much weight into that poll. It’s kinda like asking my kids, “which babysitter do you least want me to get this weekend?” I would be willing to bet that they would “least” want the one that makes them follow our rules the most.