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See What Happens Without AAron Miles

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It was nice to sit down yesterday and not only watch a quick game, but to watch a win as well. I’ve been down in the dumps about this team and haven’t been doing much commenting on individual games as I’ve done in the past. I did come away with a few observations from last night.

  1. Jake Fox is my third baseman She Hate Me move Adaptation. film – at least for now. I’ve not seen any difference so far with him at the hot corner as opposed to Mike Fontenot. Obviously I understand that he’s not the long term answer over there, but you have to admit he’s done better than you might have expected and he’s swinging the bat well. He had a couple of really nice at bats that yielded opposite field singles. He had been trying to drive the outside pitch too much instead of shortening the stroke, but tonight he did just that. Until Ramirez comes back, I want Fox out there at third.
  2. Milton Bradley looked alive at the plate – You have to reward little successes with praise. That’s what we’ve learned with our toddler as he’s just about done potty training. Seeing as how Milton acts similar to a toddler, we need to treat him and his situation in that way. That being said, he deserves some praise for a couple of nice, hard hitting at bats including a scorched line drive double to drive in a run in a two strike count. I’m not saying all of his troubles are over, but it was nice to see him actually have a clue at the plate and actually drive in a run instead of just being content to draw a walk. Let’s build on that and move forward tonight.
  3. I secretly hate when Ryan Theriot hits a HR – Though it’s fun to watch, and last night’s was crushed, I hate it a little when Theriot goes deep because it usually leads him to get away from his opposite field short stroke and look for the long ball. Hopefully it’s not the case here, but this new found power is good and bad. With great power comes great responsibility, the responsibility to not lose sight of the fact that you’re not a 30 HR guy and start trying to drive everything. Hopefully Ryan knows that.
  4. Rich Harden was nasty – That’s the Harden we traded for, the overpowering pitcher that can rack of K’s in a hurry. Stay healthy and continue to dominate…please.

It’s not a milestone win, and it doesn’t leadfrog us into a good team, but you have to start somewhere. Let’s build on last night and really look to play good baseball as we head into the break. With series against Milwaukee and St. Louis coming up right before, the time is now to make a nice little move in the division that is mired by mediocrity. Don’t wait.

  • MJ

    instead of just being content to draw a walk.

    And yet, if he doesn’t walk, he’s not being patient. Walks are good. Ask Gerald Perry…..wait, he’s not here anymore.

  • I agree that walks are good, but wouldn’t you agree that in certain circumstances, as a middle of the order hitter, he needs to do more than walk? He can’t be content to walk in RBI situations and leave the work to the Blanco and Freel type hitters.

  • MJ

    If he’s not getting a pitch to drive, then what do you want? A strikeout becasue he’s trying to drive in runs on pitches he can’t do anything with?

    You guys all argued that you wanted Dunn because he had a high OBP, because he took walks. Bradley does the same thing, and now we need him to hit? Honestly, the flip flopping from everyone this year is getting tiresome.

  • See what happens without Aaron Miles?

    Or see what happens when the Cubs play mediocre teams?

    Yes, it was fun and I enjoyed it. It’s good to know the Cubs are not the worst team in baseball.

    I agree with your four points. Bradley may be coming around. And if we want him to, we need to applaud the progress.

  • Rich, my title was meant in jest

  • cap’n obvious

    um, Dunn has 53 RBI and a .908 OPS today. Milk has (ahem) 17 RBI and an OPS of .728. When Milk is among the league leaders in RBI, I’ll be OK with him coaxing the odd walk with runners on base. Please remember also that Dunn is putting up these numbers with less protection in the lineup (which doesn’t seem possible the way the Cubs are hitting)than just about anyone else in the league…I haven’t seen too much flip-flopping, just annoyance with the lack of production from Milk…

  • MJ

    I’m not arguing the lack of production. He hasn’t been. But to complain about walks in certain RBI situations is ludicris. If there isn’t a good pitch to drive, why would a walk be bad?

    First we complain the team isn’t patient, and now we’re complaining about taking walks in certain situations? What the heck do you people want? If there’s one thing Bradley has shown, is that he has a great eye. Which more than I can say about most of the rest of the team. Even, the glorious Hoffpauir and Fox.

  • Seymour Butts

    Agree on all 4 points, Joe. and what happened in the 8th and 9th? someone forget to put ipecac in the bullpen water cooler last night?
    And the Pirates have actually been pretty good lately, so let’s get happy and decide the tide has turned after one good outing.

  • lizzie

    someone forget to put ipecac in the bullpen water cooler last night?

    Ipecac … toooooooooooooooooooo funny, Seymour. Maybe they carry that in their pink Hello Kitty back pack.

  • Please remember also that Dunn is putting up these numbers with less protection in the lineup

    Is he?

    The Nationals have a team line of: .259/.342/.405
    The Cubs have a team line of: .244/.321/.393

    When taking Dunn and Bradley out, you get these lines:
    Nationals: .258/.322/.391 OPS: .713
    Cubs: .245/.307/.394 OPS: .701

    So while I know that you hate using actual facts (or when others use actual facts) to support arguments, your statement is blatantly false.