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June 2009



Mike Singletary Speaks Out On Milton Bradley and Carlos Zambrano

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  • Mastrick

    I seriously doubt trading Zambrano will “fix” the Cubs; I’m more concerned about the problems we have at catcher, second base, third base, left field, center field, right field, relief…

  • Davood Dehnavifar

    This is stupid.

  • I agree 100% Davood

  • sherm

    Too small a sample size to determine stupidity.

  • I just found this nugget I posted last fall. I should be GM….well maybe…..

    – Re-sign Reed Johnson. Platoon him with Pie in centerfield.

    – Make Mark DeRosa your everyday right fielder. Put Mike Fontenot in as your second baseman. You’ll get two good bats in the lineup, and a lefty which is sorely needed in the right handed heavy Cubs lineup. You lose some defense in right, but after this year, they need to reward Mark with an everyday position, not as a super sub. If necessary, go sign a Felipe Lopez, utility type player to fill the super sub role.

    – Kosuke Fukudome heads to Iowa to learn American styled hitting and pitching. The Mets did it with Kaz Matsui, maybe it’s Kosuke’s time. He’s in Lou’s doghouse as it is, I don’t see this ending well, any way you slice it.

    – Micah Hoffpauir becomes the pinch hitter. He’s no worse defensively than Ward. And cheaper.

    – Re-sign Dempster and Wood. With the NLDS loss, they may take a hit in salary to see if they can get the job done, like they should have this year.

    – Sign Jeremy Affledt to strenghten up the middle relief, and give Lou another lefty in the pen.

    – Resign Hank White. He’s a great mentor to Geo, and is one of the few people that can probably keep Zambrano under control.

  • Too small a sample size to determine stupidity.

    Good point Sherm. My bad on the hasty agreement.