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What in the world is Phil Rogers thinking?

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Today in a knee-jerk reaction the Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rogers Mr. Baseball trailer came up with the perfect solution to the Cubs’ current dilemma. Phil suggests that we immediately DFA Carlos Zambrano and then offload him cheap to the highest bidder. What a stroke of brilliance, why isn’t Krane Kenney replacing Jim Hendry with Rogers? He’s got this all figured out!

Seriously, I want to know what kind of whacky tobbacy Phil is getting, is it Maui Wowee or does it have red buds. It’s like the aphrodesiacs that certain politicians are using – why are the rest of us “cut off?” The last time the Cubs a brilliant idea like this it resulted in the College of Coaches.

Granted I’m not exactly thrilled with this 35-37 team. There are a lot of fissures and cracks in the power plant – we can talk ad nauseum about the lack of consistency, mental miscues and inability to produce in the clutch. The temper tantrums are getting old too, they aren’t helping the team; what would help more would be “a little less talk and a lot more action.” I respect Phil’s right as a senior journalist to say his peace but I really wonder if he’s thinking things through before he hurls his missives.

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  • Phil Rogers is an idiot, of course. But come on, what else can he write about? Is writing the facts of the game enough when the Cubs are on this ridiculous stretch of incompetent baseball? When the Cubs begin to play this kid of ball, the writers get giddy, the fans get weird, and the announcers go wacky. Somehow, in the course of trying to get through today’s mess, Pat Hughes mentioned Joel Zumaya of the Tigers. Ron, having not traveled to Detroit, was not as familiar with the name as he should be. Pat spelled it. Moments later, Ron was “singing” Kumbaya. Oh, Lord, do we need a bit of the peace offered in Kumbaya. Oh Lord do we need it.

  • Doc Raker

    “A little less talk and a lot more action” give me some satisfaction.
    Elvis Presley- outstanding reference.

    Phil is on the right track but with the wrong player. It isn’t the pitching staff that needs changs. DFA any position player you like save Aram and Theriot as far as I am concerned.

    The lack of hustle with this team is sickening. Soriano looks like he is half asleep in the field and the plate. Bradley looks like a frustrated golfer that just doesn’t know what adjustment to make to keep it in the fairway. Fukudome looks like an overmatched call up and Ryan Freel is crazy and just not that good at this point in his career.

  • Doug

    Red Ink.
    I write the Cubs record each morning on my calendar and when it’s below .500 it’s in red. Will I be using the blue pen again anytime soon? Assuming we take 2 of 3 with the Pirates, split 2-2 with the Brewers, 2 of 3 vs the Braves, split 2-2 with Cards….and all that’s a lot of ifs…..we’re at .500 by the all star break.

  • MJ

    Phil Rogers is terrible. I don’t even read anything he writes. It’s all moronic babble that is just to get a rise out of you.

  • Mastrick

    Somewhere on a CD I’ve got a clip of Harry Caray saying “ehh Rogers go !@#$% yourself.” I think I’m going to stop reading his articles as well, he’s a journalistic troll.

  • Seymour Butts

    You remember to old joke about “those who can…DO….those who can’t..teach. And those who can’t teach….teach PE. Well Sports writers are on this scale as those who can’t teach PE. I know why they had a pulpit, but not why they still have it. ESPN had a ditty on Friday post game, where 4 people discussed if players, TV media types or others should get to JOIN the print writers in voting for the MLB HOF. The option of REPLACING them was not considered, but really, what might be best for baseball is to have living players with 10 years of ML service all vote, and nobody else. Sportswriters are just opinionated blowhards (kind of like me), who have an audience. Take back the audience.

  • silk

    I just want to say that I really appreciate this blog. It’s nice to know when people like Rogers are spewing their miserable crap, that I can find more objective Cub-related misery to keep me down 🙂