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Cards acquire DeRo

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Following a burst of inactivity by the Cubs the Cardinals have traded for former Cub favorite Mark DeRosa. It cost St. Louis a young pitcher named Chris Perez and a PTBNL so now we Cubs fans will likely get to see DeRosa six more times this year and possibly sixteen games a year for the next couple of years.

I’m a bit perplexed as to why the Cubs’ brass seemed so disinterested in bringing Mark back, it appears not to have been what Cleveland was asking for in return. Does this guy have a communicable disease or something? He would have been a great stopgap for days when Ramirez wasn’t available or days when Milton Bradley was having a cool down session after one of this little temper tantrums. And what about having DeRosa available for when our second basemen get cold bats or Soriano needs a day off?

I guess we’ll never know, apparently Hendry and Piniella know something that we don’t (if that’s the case I’d sure like to hear it.) Best of luck with the Cards Mark, do us a favor and go easy on the Cubs, okay?

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  • DeRosa will likely act as most former Cubs do when they become Cardinals. I have seen it for years — I was graduating high school the month Lou Brock was traded and I seem to remember that Brock got about 1,200 of his 3.000 hits against the Cubs — but really, what does it matter? This team keeps saying they will be getting on a run and they are only so few games out and that this game is the newest worst it can get, but Lord, it keeps getting worse. They can’t catch a popup, throw one to the screen to stop a suicide squeeze, and continue to leave loads of runners in scoring position.
    Who considers Carlos Zambrano an ace? An ace comes out and gives his team a chance to win, and gets that done to stop losing streaks. Who sees that in Z? On a good team, he would be a 3 or 4. We have no ace, no stopper, no solid #1. No Fergie Jenkins or Rick Reuschel or Rick Sutcliffe. Had one in Greg Maddux but his great years were in Atlanta, not Chicago.
    Cub pitching cannot retire DeWayne Wise or Gordon Beckham. Is Beckham hitting about .110 against the rest of baseball? He has gotten fat against the Cubs. How can Z let these guys hurt him?
    Watch for this tomorrow night in Pittsburgh: the Cubs will leave runners on 3B a couple of times, they will be trailing 5-0 or 5-1 after making a key error, and one of the commentators will mention the inevitable letdown after the high of the White Sox series. How can this team ever have a letdown after a series they do not even show up for?

  • Just heard again that Aramis will be back soon. Bet it is still going to be after the All-Star Game, which means two more weeks. Another Brewer and another Cardinal series.
    More importantly, if he comes back and does play well, the team will be better but not nearly enough better to right this sinking ship. No one player is that good.

  • Doc Raker

    I have been perplexed since the offseason, when Dero got shipped out and we signed Hasbro.

    We have been taking on water ever since, ice bergs ahead.

  • Had one in Greg Maddux but his great years were in Atlanta, not Chicago.

    FWIW, Maddux was great with the Cubs also. He had several good years with the Cubs, but his last season with the Cubs before going to the Braves included a Cy Young, a 2.18 ERA, 199 K’s, etc.

    But yea, the Cubs missed most of his greatness.

  • MJ

    Honestly, I don’t think DeRo would have helped this team that much. His numbers, well far superior than Non-tenot, Freel, and “don’t call me Hank” Blanco, he couldn’t carry this team, which is what it’s desperately needing. Someone, anyone, to get hot and carry this team on it’s shoulders.