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Beltran News

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As I was doing my daily reading this Sunday morning, I ran across a column by Phil Rogers. Here is what was interesting about it.

You never really know about George Steinbrenner and the Yankees. But after trading for Randy Johnson and signing Tino Martinez, it does not appear they are going to hand Scott Boras a blank check for the services of Carlos Beltran….That means it’s basically the Astros and whom? The Mets? The Tigers? The Orioles? Sorry, but it’s hard to see Beltran doing anything except re-signing with Houston by Saturday’s deadline….General manager Jim Hendry and Tribune Co.’s keepers of the payroll owe it to themselves, not to mention the fans who filled Wrigley Field every day last season, to give Beltran an attractive alternative to Houston. Despite some reports that have Houston’s bid at $96 million over six years, the offer on the table from Drayton McLane and rookie GM Tim Purpura is five years, $70 million with a sixth-year option that includes a $5 million buyout. That’s $75 million guaranteed–a whopping $125 million less than Boras dreamed of after Beltran’s monster postseason. Without the Yankees stepping in to offer an extra $50 million, just because they’re the Yankees, the Astros’ offer might be enough to keep him. But Hendry should step in with a guaranteed sixth year (maybe even with an option for a seventh) and a total package of $90 million. Then Beltran at least would have a decision to make.

I just want to reiterate my fear of signing Beltran for that much when Ordonez is available cheap. Now Chuck, before you go to the comment section and say that if Ordonez is hurt, it wastes our whole payroll, let me stop you. I know Ordonez is a risk, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take THIS year, with us being one year away from being rid of Sosa. Taking a chance on Ordonez could get us a huge payback if he returns to form, and I believe he will. You do have to wonder though. If Hendry were to offer Beltran a contract that is backloaded and has the guaranteed 6th year, would he take it? And if he did take it, would that make it easier to move Sosa?

Say it ain’t so

“So a bold prediction for 2005:

The White Sox will win the World Series. This is the only way life could be any worse for the Cubs. And that is where you always go with this franchise. You go to wherever the maximum pain is. Five outs away from the World Series in 2003? Yes, that does hurt. The Red Sox, the Cubs’ brother in futility, winning the Series in 2004? Thank you, sir, now hit me across the back of the legs with your cane.”

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