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GirlieView (06/26/2009)

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Life as a Cubs fan is frustrating, we all know that. No surprises there. But I think it’s even more frustrating when we all know the potential is there. If you have no expectations they can’t be dashed. I expected better.

  • Friday – 06/19, vs. Cleveland, W (8-7): Down by 7 in what seemed like the blink of an eye, I really almost turned it off. Glad I didn’t. They fought back (albeit against a hapless Cleveland bullpen) and Theriot singled home Soriano in the 10th for the win.
  • Saturday – 06/20, vs. Cleveland, W (6-5): Not a good homecoming for Kerry Wood, who wild-pitched home a run in the bottom of the 13th to give us another extra-innings win.
  • Sunday – 06/21, vs. Cleveland, W (6-2): This final game in the Cleveland series was slightly less dramatic which was exactly what Randy Wells needed for his first ever ML win (though he should have won at least a few of his earlier starts for sure!)
  • Monday – 06/22, @ Atlanta, L (2-0): Offensive struggles re-materialized. The Cubs had 10 hits, all singles, none when it mattered. This was a makeup game from a rainout earlier in the season.
  • Tuesday – 06/23, @ Detroit, L (5-4): Who knew this would begin a sweep, but alas even though Hoffpauir homered late to give us a one run lead in the 8th, Gregg couldn’t hold on and gave up a pinch hit 2-run homer in the bottom of the 9th to give Detroit the win.
  • Wednesday – 06/24, @ Detroit, L (5-3): Two bases loaded walks (one by Heilman, one by Marmol) ended up being the difference in this game, but the Cubs again couldn’t get the offense going when it mattered.
  • Thursday – 06/25, @ Detroit, L (6-5): Props to Jake Fox for his first ML home run but that’s about it. So many wasted opportunities. DLee’s hitting streak done at 21 games.

I found myself nodding my head in agreement to so much of what y’all wrote in your posts this week I decided to create a sort of collage of VFTB thoughts. At first I was going to list who said each thing but you’ll recognize yourself, I’m sure of it, and it’s more fun to read without the interruption of listing who said what. Maybe let’s call it the Best of VFTB. Of course these are just my particular favorites, which will no doubt differ from yours. Nevertheless, enjoy, and have a nice week!

This Week’s Best of VFTB

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  • I hate …the fact that we seem content with leaving Mike Fontenot as the answer at third base and are basically convinced that the return of Ramirez will solve all of our problems, despite the fact that his shoulder has the ability to pop out again even easier than before.
  • We love the Cubs, but you’re right, there’s a lot to hate about this team right now.
  • I hate the fact that the team has won two games this week and both times they have celebrated like they won the world series. the team seems surprised that they win.
  • Maybe it is time to sit Soriano down for a rest, he is down to .225.
  • Derrek Lee…I’m sorry for all the bad, mean things I’ve said about you, and for the even meaner things I’ve thought. Please forgive me, until you slump again and I hate you.
  • A young player should instinctively know that a win isn’t a win unless it’s fair and square.
  • Pap smeared the Mudcats over 5.2 innings of work, not allowing a run and striking out two.
  • I’ll take him [Hollandsworth] over diahrea of the mouth Plesac.
  • I think our fantasy camp team could light up the Cleveland bullpen. Just sayin’
  • You have bumps on your prostate older than 50.
  • Go Gregg yourself
  • Ask yourself for a second if you truly believe this is a good baseball team.
  • No longer do people say “it’s early.” Now they say “when Aramis gets back.”
  • How many men did we LOB last night? 138?
  • I Gregging swear I didn’t google it.
  • his biggest fear is that he will hear every cricket in the world.
  • I truly believe he’s dumb as a board.

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  • cubbiedude

    As you say, Lizzie, never underestimate the value of lowered expectations.

  • Mastrick

    I’ve had my fill with Carlos “Clueless” Marmol; since nobody at the Major League level can help him fix his control send him down to Iowa on the Saturday Greyhound. No more indecision, the guy is really hurting the team!

    I’m getting close to having my fill of Dusty Piniella, perhaps it’s time to find him some assisted living. What is this guy thinking putting Clueless in every game? It’s just like Dusty and LaTroy, is this guy losing his marbles?

  • Seymour Butts

    Nice usage of terms that those of us with a Y chromosome couldn’t get away with. Keep up the good work.

  • Best Girlie View yet

  • lizzie

    Oh but Seymour, these were all things that you guys said! I just re-arranged them.