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Trivia Time

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As always, highlight clue 2 and 3 if you need them. Hopefully this one stumps ya.

Clue # 1 – This man’s career was fleeting; he won the AL Rookie of the Year award in 1980, and just 70 games later, played over a two year span, he was through.

Clue # 2 Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 movie downloadHe was widely known for his many wild antics, such as opening beer bottles with his eye sockets.

Clue # 3 Bottle Rocket rip

Happy-Go-Lucky film

Evilenko movie

He was a Cleveland outfielder and his initials are “J.C.”

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  • Mark Strickler

    I remember Charbonneau, didn’t take long for pitchers to figure out he couldn’t hit a decent curve. When the fastballs dried up so did his career.