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June 2009



Soto tested positive for reefer

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Today’s Chicago Tribune

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ran a story that says Cubs’ catcher tested positive prior to the World Baseball Classic for marijuana. While this will have no effect on Geo’s status with MLB he will likely be banned from international competition for a period of time.

So here’s where I expose my inner hypocrite – whup-dee-doo. So what? Why is it that I’m adamantly opposed to steroid use or other PEDs but unconcerned about a Cub smokin’ some rope? I suppose that is because I think that it should be legalized. Aside from that smoking pot does not cause one to hit a bunch of homeruns. Ever watch Cops? Half of their “customers” are drunk out of their gourds, it’s a wonder they can stand up straight. What about the pot smoker? He’s in front of the TV with a bag of Cheetos waiting for the Domino’s guy to arrive. Does he get violent when he has a few too many bong hits? No, he becomes somewhat catatonic, his biggest fear is that he will hear every cricket in the world.

Now I will admit, I do not smoke pot now, I have a real job and that means that I might get drug-tested. But during my younger years I probably smoked my body weight and I even dabbled somewhat with cocaine (I never liked coke much although I must admit I liked the smell of it.) Now I’m a grown man and I related to Obama when he quoted scripture and said something like “there comes a time to set aside childish things.” It’s not a big thing Shrek the Halls trailer

, I can do without it and will because that’s what my job calls for. And that’s what Soto should do, he should abstain while he plays major league baseball and after he retires he can smoke primo hydro to his heart’s content. Perhaps one day it will be de-criminalized and eventually legalized; when that happens invest in coffee shops – buy shares in The Bulldog and Cafe Rusland and watch what happens with your money. Until then I think players who test positive for cannabis should receive a slap on the wrist and be forced to write “I will not smoke pot” one hundred times on the blackboard.

  • I wanted to just say “Yup.”, but the software complained my comment was too short.


    Yup, my sentiments exactly (except I only smoked a small amount of grass on three occasion when I was fourteen years old).

  • Seymour Butts

    My only complaint about the refer madness episode is that perhaps Geo needs to have the difference between drugs that enhance performance, and those that detract from performance explained to him.

  • cubbiedude

    I suppose that positive test might explain the off season weight gain. Munch, munch, munch!

    And not that anybody asked me, but it ought to be legalized. Better yet, just decriminalize it.