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Countdown to Extinction

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When I was in the 8th grade, my parents took me and my brother on a trip to Florida to hit Disney World. Considering the majority of vacations were to Wisconsin to spend the weekend at my grandparent’s trailer in the woods, Epcot Center and Magic Kingdom rocked our world. What made me laugh was the fact that all throughout the week we were constantly seeing guys wearing shirts promoting the Megadeth album “Countdown to Extinction”. All throughout the week, each time we saw one, my dad would promptly point it out and tell us all how he wanted to know where he could get one. It still makes me laugh because, and if you know my dad it would make you laugh too, I honestly believe he would actually have worn the shirt with no clue what it meant or who Megadeth was. I’m not sure what they were saying with the album title, to be honest. Maybe it was them forcasting their career. For me, each loss we painfully bear is just a countdown to extinction…of the 2009 Cubs season. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it today. This is a bad baseball team that is hoping and praying that their big money guys begin to play a little closer to their career means before it’s too late. It’s a team that is severly underachieving and trying to tread water in hopes that the savior will come back to the lineup and be the god of baseball all while trying to keep his shoulder from popping out of socket. Believe me, I hope I’m wrong. I really do, but from here on out I’m going to watch games because I love baseball. I’m going to compliment the team when they do something well and bust on ’em when they don’t all with the idea that this season is a lost cause.

Alfonso Soriano Is A Dumb Ballplayer – I can’t stand watching this guy play the game anymore. I watch him make bonehead play after bonehead play and I can’t help but wonder what a guy like Bobby Cox would do different from Lou Piniella with him. Remember when Andruw Jones played stupid? Cox benched him mid-game. We can’t even get Lou to drop Soriano down in the order so we don’t have a guy with an OBP hovering around .300 at the top of the order. Today we saw him almost get picked off on a snap throw to 1st when he went in standing up instead of diving back to ensure safety. Then, he sees himself get doubled off 1st on a long drive by Lee that was either going to go out of the park or get caught. He could’ve easily gotten back to 1st safely, considering the Tigers loafed a little themselves with getting the ball back into the IF. Not until they saw Sori being a retard did they make any actual effort for a DP. Disgusting. This guy has rocks for a brain. I truly believe he’s dumb as a board.

We Have A Weird Catcher Situation – Does anyone else find it odd, and a tad bit silly that we have one catcher who cut most of his fingers off and another one that gets stoned in the off-season?

Chicago Cubs catcher Geovany Soto said he has been informed by the International Baseball Federation that he tested positive for marijuana at the World Baseball Classic.

“While I fully acknowledge my inappropriate behavior, I want to assure my fans and my family that this was an isolated incident,” Soto said in a statement released by the Cubs. “I do not say this to minimize or deflect from my conduct and I fully understand the ramifications of my actions. I have and will accept any and all consequences.

“I am fully dedicated to the game of baseball and my teammates, and I apologize for any distraction and embarrassment this may cause them.” –

War film

At least we know why Geo got fat. He was smoking up and eating crap food while at the WBC. Idiot!!!

Minor League Transactions from Baseball America – (Source)

Signed: RHP Jesse Ginley (NDFA—St. Petersburg (Fla.) JC), RHP Joe Simokaitis, LHP Daley Cox (NDFA—Santa Fe (N.M.) JC)
Draft picks signed: RHP Tim Clubb (29), RHP B.J. Dail (17), RHP Steve Grife (26), RHP Danny Keefe (14), RHP Corey Martin (27), RHP Jake Schmidt (41), RHP Robert Whitenack (8), LHP John Mincone (11), C Matt Williams (18), 1B Justin Bour (25), 1B Greg Rohan (21), 2B D.J. Fitzgerald (22), 3B Charles Thomas (10), OF Jeff Pruitt (23), OF Cody Shields (15)
Released: RHP Cedric Redmond, RHP Steve Vento
Recalled: 1B Jake Fox
Reinstated from DL: The Fantastic Planet ipod Shrek the Halls film

The Wanderers video

The Number One Girl dvd

Love Lies Bleeding

RHP Justin Bristow, RHP Jay Jackson, C Mark Johnson

Luiz Vizcaino Is Out – Twitter has the Tribe DFA’ing the former Cub – (Source)

St. Trinian’s dvdrip Grilled divx

  • Lizzie

    Methinks if you’re gonna get caught smoking pot you should try to be at a good weight because otherwise you open yourself up to that “ah ha … so that’s why you’re fat” moment that we all had when we heard this story this afternoon!

  • Mastrick

    While I’m as frustrated as Joe is I also see that the Cubs are but 3.5 games back. Let’s see who’s hot in August and September! That having been said I appreciate Joe’s cutting edge articles, his opinions show the frustrations that many of us feel about Piniella’s laissez-faire policies and some of Hendry’s decisions.

    I’m still cutting Hendry some slack because he *did* make some good calls on signing DeRo and Lilly, re-upping Z and Ramirez and the Lee deal doesn’t look too shabby in retrospect.

    Let’s hope the Cubs gain some focus and finish out the season; if Lou is burned out I’d like to see Trammel or Quade take the reins.

  • I’m with you, Joe. Even if by some miracle the team gets it together enough to win the (weak) division, I have no confidence that they will compete in post season any better than last season.

    And YES, I would rather the team get to the post season than not. And if they do, I will be watching and pulling and cheering. I just won’t be doing it with much confidence.

    It’s taken over forty years of cheering for the Cubs for it to happen, but I’ve gotten a bit skeptical of late.

  • Megadeth is the best metal band there is. “Countdown…” was a song dealing with several plant & animal life becoming extinct. A little too tree-hugging for me, but a great tune nonetheless. Megadeth’s latest platinum album, United Abominations, has a great deal of lyrical content derived from the Bible as Dave Mustaine (founder and singer/guitarist) has recently been born-again. Been following them since ’85 and actually got to meet and hang out with Dave in the summer of ’00…

  • How could anyone have confidence in the success of this team? What element of the game do they excel at? The starting pitching is good, but not good enough to throw a shutdown game. Lilly was the most reliable of our five starters, and look how that went today. It wasn’t Magglio getting his hair cut, it was hitting against the Cubs. I too live and die with the ballclub every day, but I will not have any confidence in them until they earn it. And how can they playing this way? I thought the DP Soriano caused should have gotten his fanny yanked, right there. It was stupid at first but he still would have gotten back if he had hustled. In its way, it was the identical brain problem that Milton Bradley had in the 2-out-not-3 ball throw. Stupid AND lazy.
    We don’t need DeRosa. We need a 2B. The Dodgers have the best record in baseball without Manny. They got Hudson, getting the job done and batting third. We went with Fontenot who has shown us that he is not an everyday player. A real 2B who can field and hit might really help. With the Orioles looking terrible, maybe we can rekindle the old rumors? No, McPhail will never do anything to help us since they took Sosa off our hands.

  • Denio

    Alfonso Soriano Is A Dumb Ballplayer … I have to agree, or that he has his big contract and he thinks of himself as a star and he feels he doesn’t have to put out the effort..
    Lou should put Fox in left field and make Soriano earn it back.. Micah and Jake could platoon in LF and back up Lee at 1st. Soriano could then take the position that Darryl Ward had last year..

  • sherm

    Joe — if you are fortunate enough to have your Dad around…get him the shirt. eBay, or whatever, but find it and give it to him. He’ll get a kick out of it…even if you have to remind him of the vacation.