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Go Gregg yourself

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I have coined a new phrase, and yes, it means exactly what you think it means. I have few others that can be derived from it:

  • We are so Gregged (this one is a good one for use late in a game where we have a lead heading into the ninth.)
  • Gregg off (particularly useful when someone says to you “did the Cubs blow another late lead?”)
  • I don’t give a Gregg (helpful when you are asked who you want the world series…the Dodgers or the Red Sox?)
  • What the Gregg? (good offseason line when Jim Hendry signs someone like Aaron Miles)
  • Gregging gangbanging Mother Gregger (White Sox fan)

Feel free to call Webster (Noah, not Mitch) or to add your own.

I feel better now. Venting helps.

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  • Doc Raker

    Gregg those Gregging Greggers.

  • cap’n obvious

    He’d actually been OK in the last month…not too many opportunities with the Cubs not leading all that much, and I still never trusted him, but he tossed a cookie last night. I have said it before and it bears repeating, a 90MPH 4-seam fastball is not the pitch you want your closer relying on. Closers have to have stuff. Gregg does not have an out pitch, and his control is shaky at best. Marmol has stuff, but nothing between those huge ears. Samardzija has stuff, but apparently only starter stuff according to Chumley Rothschild and Lou. Hendry has stuff, but its the inside of an eclair and its on his shirt. Win or lose, I am seeing to many close games against 2nd and 3rd tier teams. What if the Cubs had to swing through the AL East this year?

  • Rick Beato

    Six HR allowed, twice as many as a year ago when he was not all that good in Florida. This one, to a .220 hitter who was 4-for-4 as a pinch hitter, was ridiculous. Any Major League hitter, no matter how weak, would EXPECT to rip that ball. That ball could be ripped by Aaron Miles. Well, maybe not him . . .

  • Seymour Butts

    I’ve been on record not liking that SOB. Does anybody who sees the local post game coverage have any insight as to if he seems like he cares in the locker room after he urinates another game away. He just does not seem to care on the mound. Last night he looked like he just wanted another ball from the ump before he realized the implications. Put him on the waver wire.

    So who can close? How about Dempster.

    Marmol hasn’t got his head screwed on yet, SamarJa (I know), May still need some work, but is doing all he can at AAA. He or Marshall could start. If Gragg can’t be traded or released, keep him in the 7th, or mop up role but he and/or Heilman have not enough utility to remain on the roster.
    Just my 3 1/2 cents worth.

  • silk

    I think Dempster is pitching too well as a starter to waste those innings in relief.

  • Kyle Farnsworth

    I don no why you ar doggin on my boy kevin. He may not trow hard like me, but he’s good old boy. We are frenz. Hee used to help me work on the cross werd puzle in the highlights magasine. He got almost haf the wordz I did not no.

  • Seymour Butts

    I think Dempster is pitching too well as a starter to waste those innings in relief.

    Perhaps, but he has the make up to do so, and has. He’s a team first guy.
    Gregg has only 3 blown saves, but they were miserable blows. And he never makes you feel good about his entering the game. Randy Wells has the best ERA on the team, How about him?

  • Gregg has only 3 blown saves, but they were miserable blows.

    Are there blown saves that are not miserable?

  • Mastrick

    IMO Gregg is no better than a 7th inning pitcher and Marmol walks way too many. I’d rather have Kid Kerry back, betcha he’d hit his stride to wear Blue again. Shame it won’t happen, we’ll have to do things by committee until year’s end and hope that Hendry can do something in the offseason.

  • cap’n obvious

    Are there blown saves that are not miserable?

    I would say last night’s blown save, complete with a walk, a batting practice fastball, and a walk off home run after a comeback, was more miserable than any in recent memory. The fact that it was hit by someone I never heard of was icing on the cake.

  • Lizzie

    Good, Sherm, I loved this. I was Gregging mad last night. No game seems safe anymore once Marmol and Gregg take the mound and that’s coming from someone who really likes Marmol. But between the hit batters and the walks and Gregg’s seeming disinterest it’s best if I just turn games off come the 8th inning. Luckily I’m a morning person so I’m usually dozing by the end of most night games.

    Happy belated. I was wrong, I’m not older than you. xxoo 🙂

  • Doc Raker

    How about signing Pedro Martinez to be the closer.

    We still have to drive in some runs to actually need a closer.