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June 2009



Derrek Lee…Please Forgive Me

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I don’t know if this team is finally hitting it’s stride or if we’ve taken advantage of two poor AL Central teams, and I don’t care. These last three games have been fun to watch. I’ve got some thoughts for ya.

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  • Derrek Lee…I’m sorry for all the bad, mean things I’ve said about you, and for the even meaner things I’ve thought. Please forgive me, until you slump again and I hate you.
  • Man was I worried that Lou was going to out manage himself in this one. He used way to many freaking pitchers as usual and left himself with a tough position in using Patton as the last guy after he threw two innings the day before.
  • When you think about Kevin Gregg, even if it’s just for this series, be thankful we have him and not Kerry Wood this weekend. I love Woody, and it hurts a little to see him in the Indians’ uniform, but he’s been beat down this series so far.
  • Who the heck is this Valbuena kid and where is this power coming from?
  • 0-for-5 for Soriano. Do you think if his average falls below .200, Lou will move him out of the leadoff spot, or do you think perhaps Lou is just sleeping during the game and doesn’t realize it?
  • AA came through with a clutch hit and run single to really set up that winning wild pitch. Way to go Miles. Go back to the bench.
  • Fukudome…who’s your daddy big boy? Heck of a game, buddy. Well done sir.
  • Ted Lilly = Quality Start machine
  • We’re three fifths of the way through the rotation and we have two wins. That’s how we do it. We need to win one of the final two to play .600 ball through the rotation. That’s the goal each time.

Minor League Note

OF Cliff Andersen to Short-Season A Boise from Peoria

IF Jose Made added to Chiefs from Boise for Saturday’s game.

  • cubbiedude

    Joe, you have hit the nails on the head. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • lizzie

    I’d like to give some props to Andres Blanco because for the second day in a row he did something good offensively and we don’t usually have anything to say about his offense, only his defense. He was so darn excited in the post game interview with Len and Bob I couldn’t help but be excited for him!

    You think maybe tomorrow can be the day that the Cubs come through for Randy Wells? I’m hopeful!

  • cap’n obvious

    If (big if) the Cubs make the playoffs this season, and Lilly doesn’t get the ball again, I think I’ll become a Tennessee Lookouts fan. The guy is a bulldog and a battler, which is what you need in a playoff game.

  • Mastrick

    The game was blacked out in Nashville so I had to wear two headsets at work – one for customers and the other for the Cubs game. My co-workers were wondering why I was shaking my fists in the air, another thrilling win!

  • Great game!! Lots of fun lately. ‘Bout time.

    It will be interesting how this holds up next week against Detroit.

    In the meantime, a sweep would be good.

  • Love to have a team with confidence and love to see them come from behind. Now how about adding a different twist tomorrow by shutting down the Indians and scoring 8, 9, 10 runs — get off to a good start and then add on. Let Eric Wedge keep Woody in the bullpen because the closers don’t need to throw in a blowout loss. It would help my Father’s Day celebration!

  • Mastrick

    Sad to see Woody take the fall, maybe Cleveland will give him back for assumption of salary for this year and chump change. My instinct is that Kerry would go on fire, there is nothing wrong with his stuff. He just needs to keep the ball down.

  • Doc Raker

    Kerry hasn’t had much work, the bullpen has had a tough time getting him the ball and we know he needs regular work, like most closers, to keep sharp. I recall him having bad outings for us if he sat to many days in a row.

    I wish he was still a Cub but I am glad we are not paying him $10M. Payroll wise it was a good move to let him go, sad, but payroll wise a good move.

  • Doc Raker

    Maybe it is time to sit Soriano down for a rest, he is down to .225. Lead RJ off and play Hoffy or Fox in LF or play them both in the corners. Can Fox play OF? All I know about his D is that know one around here likes it, but I can’t say I like a leadoff hitter with an OBP under .300.

    Can we get Wells a win for goodness sake, 6 starts with a .255 ERA and no wins.

  • Mark Strickler

    I agree with Doc, Soriano deserves some “rest.”

  • lizzie

    Yep, I’m all for the rest also. Bad enough his performance at the plate but he looked pretty aloof (nice way of saying asleep) in left field to me yesterday too, particularly late in the game. Maybe he’s tired. Lou said he’s all for resting his starters this year, let’s see it.

  • silk

    Remember when a bunch of people on this board were calling for Dee-Lee to get traded? 18 games and counting…

  • MJ

    ^ No. They’re ignoring those comments now.

  • Doc Raker

    Remember when a bunch of people on this board were calling for Dee-Lee to get traded? 18 games and counting…

    I would still trade Dlee if we could. Sure he has had a great 6 weeks, he had a great 4 weeks in 2008 and that was it. History says he won’t hit like this all season and his power numbers will not be what we expect or need out of a 3 or 4 hitter for the season. Dlee is a great guy and very valuable to the team in many ways but I don’t think he is a long term impact hitter that we are paying him to be.

    With that said, I hope I am wrong.