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June 2009



Trivia Time

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As always, highlight the 2nd and 3rd clues to reveal them. Thanks go out to Sherm for this one.

Clue # 1 – only player to hit a grand slam on opening day…twice

Clue # 2

was involved in the trade that sent Ozzie Smith to the Cards

Clue # 3

Enemy Mine filmhas the best name in baseball history


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  • Seymour Butts

    Well I will admit I did not get this. Good question. But, I’m confused as to how his is construed to be the “best” name. Mordecai had a good one, and Tuffy Rhoades is a classic. We could start a very long list that might be thought of as more classic baseball names.
    I like highlights where Fernando Tatis homers, because in my mind I say…” Tatis…Tatoos.. (the baseball)”. But I’m not all that normal (perfect opportunity for a grey box).

    I’d like to start a different kind of trivia line…ALL of the answers are the Cubs.
    First question;

    What team won the 1945 National League pennant, and then lost the world series to the same franchise they visit next week?

    I’m sorry, I will likely never be able to master the hidden answer trick, so you will need to google the answer. There is a hint in the premise of the line of questions.

  • sherm

    Sixto Lezcano. Oh, wait, it was my question. Nevermind.

    I’ll agree that it’s entirely opinion re: greatest name, but you have to admit it’s certainly up there. It just has a great ring to it.

    So…greatest Cub name ever? Thoughts? I think Mark Grace is a great name. So is Rocky Cherry. I remember a Boots Day, too. Without googling the all time roster, it’s hard. Al Nipper was a good name. Better name than pitcher, unfortunately.

  • lizzie

    I think Rebel Ridling in Peoria ought to be promoted solely on the basis of his cool baseball name.

  • Mastrick

    Gawd look at that uniform. I wonder if that thing had batteries.

  • Doc Raker

    Good one. What about Mookie Wilson, Harry loved that name. “If I ever have another son I am going to name him Mookie, Mookie Carey. Mookie pronounced backwards is ekoom.” Lord I miss Harry. I TIVO the old Cubs games on MLB Network and save them forever just so I can hear Harry again.

    I always like Cesar Geronimo and Dino Ciccarelli………wait wrong sport still a cool name Dino.