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December 2004



Poor soul

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Ah, another poor soul falls victim to the rumors. This time the person is Mike Comar over at Cubs Pundit, which happens to be one of my daily reads.

At least Baker knows the closer is important. It is a very sensible approach I believe. It will take some balls to actually name Wood as a closer though.

I believe a rotation can get by with 2-3 excellent starters and the rest average to mediocre at best. You don’t need good starters 1-5 in your rotation to win 90-100 games a year. Mark Prior, Carlos Zambrano, and Greg Maddux make a nice 1-3 combination.

And if you really want to get whacky the Cubs could make Wood a closer and pursue the idea of maybe swapping Johnson and Sosa or somehow prying away Tim Hudson from the A’s.

Not only is Wood as a closer completely made up, but the very thought that he considers Maddux an excellent starter is absurd. He is average. He is one of my favorite players but I do not consider him an excellent starter at this point in his career. If that weren’t enough, the last sentence about Hudson is just way out of left field. With all the pitching the Cubs have in the minors, there is no way we would spend the money on Tim Hudson. For what? To make him a starter? We have Kerry Wood for a starter. Cub fans, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but the closer for 2005 is none other than your average Joe…Borowski that is.