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Sunday Morning News

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The morning news on Sunday is quick becoming one of my favorite things to post. It seems there was a lot of news happening yesterday, so lets get to it.

Matt Clement close to deal with Anaheim & Cubs possibly looking at Sexson for LF

I know this doesn’t sound like Cubs news but it is. Clement was recently offered arbitration by the Cubs to ensure draft pick compensation if he were to be signed. Apparently Cleveland and Arizona are also interested, but as of this time, the Angels seem to be the serious contenders.

I’m happy with this, because I have recently become a casual fan of the Anaheim Angels. I’ve been reading The Pearly Gates this offseason and am the proud owner of the Angels in an online sim baseball league. Check em out. Because of all these factors, I am very excited about seeing one of my favorite Cubs on a team that I can root for. Good Luck to ya Matt.

As far as Sexson goes, I have mixed reactions. He has not played enough games to really show me he can do the job consistently. Just because you have no errors, it doesn’t mean you can play the position well. How is his range? Does he get a good jump on the ball? He’s a big, lanky guy so I can’t possibly see him being a good OF. There has to be a reason why he was moved to first base, and that scares me.

Red Sox sign grandpa Wells.

This signing made me laugh. About 2 weeks ago, I was talking to Dave about who the Cubs should sign. He mentioned David Wells. At the time, it didn’t sound like that bad of an idea. Well, then I picked up a copy of David Wells book, Perfect I’m Not. In this book, he chronicles his life through baseball as a rebel. Personally, it has made me despise David Wells. He talks about how Albert Belle and Barry Bonds aren’t bad guys, just misunderstood. Misunderstood my butt. This guy is an idiot. In addition to that content, Wells also chronicles his extensive history of injuries. Year after year, this guy has undergone surgery, DL time, etc. He’s taken so many cortisone shots that they no longer give their desired effectiveness. His body has grown immune to them. He says it himself. To me, this seems like a stupid move for the Red Sox, which makes me smile a great big smile. Make room on the DL guys, Wells will be there shortly.

Pavano tells agent he wants to be a Yankee

It seems to me that I had this one correct. Pavano was the obvious Steinbrenner signing if he couldn’t get Pedro, and no one actually thought he’d get Martinez did they? Going back to my sim baseball league again for a minute, I would like to share an experience I had with Mr. Carl Pavano. Following the 2004 season, my Angels were in dire need of a solid # 1 to anchor my very young staff of kids. Who was on the market you ask? Millwood and Pavano. Since Millwood did not like my organization, I decided to go for Pavano. In the end, I signed him to 3 years at 11.5 million per. That was a hefty signing and one I was nervous about. I figured that in 2004, Pavano put up good numbers, so why not take the chance.

2004 Numbers: 10-3 with a 3.23 ERA and a 1.13 whip in 26 starts for Florida
2005 Numbers: 11-7 with a 5.33 ERA and a 1.47 whip in 33 starts for Anaheim.

Fed up with him and his high salary, I ship him to St. Louis for Scott Rolen, who was struggling immensely and a 1st rd pick. What does he do for the Cards?

2006 numbers as of May 31: 4-4 with a 2.17 ERA and a 1.25 whip for St. Louis.

What a bunch of crap. Anyways, back to real baseball. I think Steinbrenner made a mistake with Pavano. I don’t see him having the kind of year he had in Florida in 2004. Look for him to put up numbers similar to 2005 in my league.

Illinois wins again.

An easy win over an Oregon Ducks team that will make the tournament come March. They are young and had only played 3 games to this point due to their final exam schedule. They really were not able to hang with Illinois. Luther Head, who has been the uncredited star of this team, along with Roger Powell, led all scorers with 23 points. The Illini take a little break now from games due to the holidays and exams, but don’t look for them to relinquish their # 1 ranking anytime soon. Look at the upcoming schedule:

Dec 19 Valparaiso
Dec 22 Missouri
Dec 27 Longwood
Dec 30 Northwestern State
Dec 31 Cincinnati

Looks like Illinois will be ringing in the new year as # 1 in the nation. I wonder where Wisconsin will be.

ND continuing to screw up their program.

At this point, I think I may as well refrain from talking about the Irish. All they do is embarrass themselves, their fans, and their reputation as the University of College Football. They fire Willingham to get Urban Meyer. Only problem was that they didn’t get Meyer. So now they have egg on their face and decide to rely on reputation alone and pursue big names like Gruden, Wannie, etc, all of which turn them down. Now, it looks like it will be Charlie Weis. Weis is the Patriots offensive coordinator, which doesn’t impress me one bit. Everyone knows that the main reason the Pats are so good is their defense. What I don’t understand is this. When you saw that Meyer wasn’t coming, why not admit your mistake publicly and then beg Willingham to come back. He did not even get his 5 years to see a full recruiting class go through. Notre Dame, you embarrass me.

That’s it for today. Let me know what you think. I always love hearing from the readers. E-mail Me or drop me a comment. Either way, expect to get a reply.