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December 2004



The team that used to play at Wrigley

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Cade McNownHats off to the Chicago Bears for showing some life last week. Since Rex Grossman’s injury we’ve been forced to watch a couple of quarterbacks with the accuracy of Vince Evans, the pocket awareness of Peter Tom Willis, and the arm strength of Shane Matthews. Chad Hutchinson is at least a step up to the Tomczak zone, and with home field advantage they gave the Vikings a slap upside the head. It can’t get any worse than it’s been, but don’t expect 3 TDs a week from the new #9; after all, in preparing for the game, the Vikes only had years-old game film to prepare for him with. Expect reduced production, but even half of his output would be better than Krenzel and Quinn. He used the tight end, found a few receivers now and then, and didn’t look panicked.

One thing I lke about this Bears team is that their secondary managed to get into Randy Moss’s head and kept him down for most of the game, and hearing that Marcus Robinson, a receiver I was fond of as a Bear, got to catch a TD pass that didn’t end up beating the Bears was even okay with me. A good week. I remember when I lived in desolate Woodstock, IL, definitely Bear country, that the mood of the town was affected by a Bears win or loss. If they lost, enough people were just a little grumpier, and if they won they were looser and more prone to spontaneous outbreaks of smiling into the awful, freezing cold winter air that it seemed like the whole town was a little happier.

At 5-7 and with a lot of teams to leapfrog, I wouldn’t hold my breath about making the playoffs, but at least now we can expect the offense to outscore the defense the rest of the way.