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Buddy’s Best – Super Sunday

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It’s early Sunday morning. As I’m writing this, the talking heads are telling us how awesome Tom Brady is. In other breaking news, the sun came up today. Let’s take a breather from Super Bowl banter and look back at the last few days on VFTB. As always, you had plenty to say.

  1. The worst defensive outfield ever assembled was Schwarber in LF, Heyward in CF and Zobrist in RF.
  2. Darvish met Kemp once so it’s probably to lure him here.
  3. The only thing Randall Simon hit that year was the Italian Sausage.
  4. Javy Baez is going to be a father. They announced they are having a baby boy, and naming him “Slider” so that his father never hits him.
  5. If Lizzie was still doing GirlieView, this would be the runaway for the Lizard.
  6. I will never visit the baseball Hall of Fame or pay any attention, for that matter, until they come up with a way to have players vote.
  7. I threw a three bouncer to first base……and then my elbow hurt.
  8. Adding clocks to baseball is stupid.
  9. I think Lackey could be effective out of the bullpen for the Cubs assuming he is pitching to the Cubs.
  10. Got to hear, again, a great story about one of my favorites, José Cardenal. A pitcher kept hitting him in the minor leagues and a teammate gave him a switch blade to take to the plate in case it happened again. It did and José chased him literally out of the park with knife extended.

Question of the week: According to the magic Google box in my office, the players are talking about boycotting Spring Training. Do you believe there is any truth to this rumor, and if so, what are your thoughts?


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