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February 2018



Sherm’s Shards…aka “Randomness”

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If you re-sign Jake Arrieta, which I think they should do, you could probably get a discounted John Lackey. Despite the heat he has taken, here and elsewhere, I think Lackey would be a very solid bullpen piece, for long relief, perhaps an occasional save, and spot starts during the dog days.

Signing Peter Bourjos as an extra outfielder only makes sense if Jon Jay is not on the market…but he is.  I know that Jay played his way to larger contract than Bourjos, but there is a reason for that. Jay is far better. If Bourjos is simply a late inning defensive replacement for Schwarber? Not in love with the idea. Maybe it’s a non-deal anyway. Forget I said anything.

Tyler Chatroom (I know) will surprise people – in a good way.

I feel bad for Starlin Castro.

I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl…as long as it isn’t the Eagles.

Adding clocks to baseball is a fucking travesty. NOT having clocks in baseball is one of the things that make the game timeless (literally and figuratively. Insert exploding heads) Manfred is a complete idiot who is focusing on all of the wrong things. What’s next? Limiting the number of pitching substitutions per game? “If he makes a change here, he won’t be able to go to his closer later.” That actually would be interesting…but NO. Don’t even get me started about the runner on second in extras. Just shoot me.

Love all the talk of collusion. Business owners should be allowed to do what they want with their companies, including who they hire and when. Note to Scott Boras: NOT signing your client to an enourmous contract that he doesn’t deserve does NOT equal trying to lose on purpose, you bloated, pompous crook.

The Hall of Fame is stupid because the voters can’t get their unnecessary opinions out of the way. I don’t care any more.

I wish college football was still happening. Best “series of Saturdays” in years.

I hope the Yankees suck. They won’t, but I hope they do.

I hope Derek Jeter fails at this part of baseball.

Time to put hockey style walls around basketball courts because I saw a player chase a loose ball and fall into some people. Someone could have been hurt.

It’s Groundhog Day. I was going to re-post this tomorrow, but now I don’t want to, so enjoy the thought. Or not.



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