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January 2018



Buddy’s Best

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This time of year always tests my patience. Bring on spring training already! I’m sick of winter, and it’s only January 21st! OK, so we still have a few more weeks until pitchers and catchers report and life begins again. Let’s pass the time looking at the latest and greatest from our VFTB community.

  1. In a prior time my handle, pseudonym, whatever was “69 fan.” I know, you are shocked.
  2. 1984 was the year I fell in love with the Cubs.
  3. This one time at Randy camp…
  4. Will Pete LaCock be there?
  5. The Pirates traded away McCutchen and Cole, looks like they are rebuilding, again.
  6. Speaking of rebuilding, did Big Toe Joe trade away all of his writers?
  7. I’m saving my material for the baseball season.
  8. So what are the guesses as to when the Cubs actually sign another starter? My guess is February 2nd, because everyday this off season has seemed like Ground Hog’s Day.
  9. I am so bored I would watch Seymour and friends hobble around the diamond at Sloan Park in Mesa, AZ.
  10. Remember when Sammy forgot how to speak English and had to bring along an interpreter?

Question of the week: The Ground Hog’s Day comment got me thinking about the movie with Bill Murray, which led me to this question…What is your favorite comedy of all time? Follow up question…What is your favorite baseball movie of all time? Follow up to the follow up…What is the crappiest baseball movie you have ever seen?


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