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January 2018



We Have News!!!! – Sort Of

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The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I know what you’re thinking. The site is done and where are we going to hang out. For those still around (CAPS), I apologize, but there just hasn’t been anything to talk about. Today we have news….sort of.

Brian Duensing has resigned for a 2 year deal at $7 mil per season. Break out the party supplies. It’s time to celebrate!!!!

In other news that happened a little while ago, but didn’t merit a post, Tom Ricketts has said that the reason Sammy Sosa has not been welcomed back is because he hasn’t come forward with what he did / took when he was playing. This pisses me off. Sammy was a big part of my early fandom and the fact that Ricketts, who did not even own the team at the time it was going on, is going to dangle things like a Cubs convention or a first pitch as a carrot so he can play headhunter makes him into a total blow hard. Piss off, Tom Ricketts. Do you not remember employing Manny Ramirez? Go pound sand. I couldn’t care less if Sammy took things…or if players are still taking things. Baseball is entertainment for me, nothing more. If people want to blame it leading to kids taking steroids, I say to them…go pound sand. It leads to it as much as Marilyn Manson’s music makes a kid shoot people. Parent better. Rant over.


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