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Things Cubs Fans Need To Know on December 4th

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The MLB Winter Meetings are getting ready to kick off next week in Orlando and run from 12/10 to 12/14, culminating in the Rule 5 draft. This figures to be an exciting next two weeks, and I think we’ll see the Cubs make at least two moves. That said, I wanted to comment on a few things related to the off-season so far.

Shohei Ohtani Watch

I’m not sure where I stand on this. On one hand, I see the value of someone as talented as Ohtani, especially given his age and the fact that he’s supposed to be a great pitcher. However, I’ve got such hesitancy when it comes to get excited. Ultimately, it’s not about the money. Ohtani will sign for a ridiculously undervalue contract because of the international signing rules. I just worry about getting too excited.

Everything I’ve read is that the finalists are the Angels, Mariners, Giants, Padres, Rangers and…Cubs. I don’t see the Cubs being the winning team, but you never know with Theo and his history. He does things we’ve not thought possible.

Rondon Non-Tendered

Over the weekend, the Cubs finalized the roster for players that were eligible for arbitration and had not yet been decided on. The deadline was Friday and there were two casualties…Hector Rondon and Taylor Davis. Davis is not a surprise, but the release of Rondon, to me, clearly shows what the team feels about him and why we didn’t see him much down the stretch. This bullpen is going to get an overhaul and Rondon, while he served a role, was no longer needed. His projected $6 mil in arbitration is just a cost that doesn’t merit the return.

Alvarez Signed

There was an interesting name signed on Friday. Dario Alvarez was released by the Rangers and the Cubs snatched him up on a one year deal. With the struggles of Justin Wilson, who was brought in to shore up the lefty reliever role, the Cubs made a proactive and low risk signing with high upside. Alvarez struggled in Texas, but he misses bats (11.4 K/9). If he can reign in the control issues, the stuff is there. Throw in the under two years of MLB service time and you’ve got a guy who can be team controlled for 4+ years if he hits. He’s out of options, so he’ll need to make the team out of camp or clear waivers to be sent to AAA.

  • JTBarrett16

    Do you think we bring back Rondon at a lower salary?

    • Joe Aiello


      • Seymour Butts

        Could you say that more succinctly?

      • no

      • Buddy

        Is that the only word you can say?

  • Jerry in Wisconsin

    If Rondon is not going to be the 8th inning guy, he does not deserve $6 mil. The Cubs made the right move, but it was the Cubs that made it possible for that arbitration amount by using him as the closer for 2015 and half of 2016.

  • Michael S.

    If you could DH for a position other than the pitcher in MLB (like in some High School leagues), I’d be all for bringing Ohtani on board. On days he doesn’t pitch, have him DH for Heyward, or perhaps another guy who might be struggling offensively but is too good with the glove to bench.

    If getting him ABs on days he doesn’t pitch requires putting him out in the field…I think they’d be better off passing. Have him in the outfield and he runs into a wall, or another OFer…there goes your rotation.

    • Buddy

      Per MLB Trade Rumors…”Only the Dodgers, Giants, Angels, Padres, Mariners, Rangers and Cubs will receive meetings with Ohtani.”

  • Buddy

    I sure won’t miss watching Rondon give up late-inning bombs next year.

  • Brad Lyerla

    I don’t question the move to let Hector Rondon go. But I also want to remember that from the beginning of the ’15 season through early summer of the ’16 season, Rondon was in the top 3 relievers in all of baseball. His stats for that time period were elite.
    Then he got hurt. The Cubs were not transparent about when it happened, but it was before the Chapman signing. For some reason, Rondon never got back his pre-injury form, though by the end of ’17 he did get back his velocity.
    I think he might do well again in another venue and I will count him partly as a failure of our fitness and coaching staffs.

  • JTBarrett16

    12/4/2002, a Wednesday. Todd Hundley traded for Karros and Grudz. What an awesome move that was. Probably the best move Hendry ever made. Not only getting rid of garbage, but getting talent in return.

    • Seymour Butts

      I Know Todd. He’s a good dude, not garbage. Perhaps a less bombastic slur would serve you better.

      • JTBarrett16

        He was a garbage player. He was awful

      • They should have pelted rid of that garbage as opposed to trading. #neverforget

      • cap’n realist

        never besmirch the son of Randy when Doc Seymour is around. I’ve spent time with Todd as well. Garbage ain’t the word. He’s a giant douche, who’d have never even played an inning of A ball without his daddy’s contacts. A complete scam. Is that bombastic enough?

      • Doc Raker

        And cashed over $40M in salary. I met him, he can’t string a sentence together.

    • Doc Raker

      How the Dojers fell for that one was a bit mind boggling at the time.

      • Sherm

        But he did hit 202 home runs at the major league level – which is at least 202 more than all of together would have hit at that level, so regardless of anything else? Guy played in the majors for ten years and his batting average was only .002 lower than his father (.234 vs .236 – and Randy hit 82 homers)

        So, CAPS – in 3800 at bats against major league pitching, how many home runs do you think you could hit? I’m setting the over/under at .00000001 and I’ll take the under.

      • Under