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November 2017



Chicago Cubs Week in Review

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It is a slow time in the life of a Cubs fan.  REAL slow time.  College football is winding down which means we get to hear the gripes and complains from all the fans of the #5 team in the nation soon.  College basketball is getting revved up while the NBA continues to bore the living lights out of me.  Let’s look at some of the top stories this week dealing with the Cubs:

  1.  Scott Boras Challenges the Cubs:  Boras is an idiot.  I am sure that it was said somewhere in “official” print but I am laying it out here on this site as well.  He gets paid good money to represent some of the top athletes in the game.  Two of the top athletes on the market this off-season, JD Martinez and Jake Arrieta, are under the guidance of Boras.  This week Boras said something to the fact about Arrieta and a lot of nuts.  And trees.  And how the Cubs would be stupid not to give him many years with many dollars.  I didn’t get the reference but if he meant that Arrieta was the workhorse for the pitching staff the past two seasons, he is wrong.  That title goes to 1) Jon Lester and 2) Kyle Hendricks.  Workhorse and nuts….paint your own picture.

2.  Alex Cobb:  We have known for about 3 years, it seems like, that the Cubs have been after Alex Cobb.  I think this off-season the Cubs can’t hide the fact that they will be going after this pitcher from the Tampa Rays.  This past season it was known that the Cubs would probably be without two of its starters heading into next season (Arrieta and John Lackey gone).  Now the Cubs must decide how to gain some traction with some free agent pitchers or make a trade for an established-controllable starter.  Cobb is at the top of the free agent pitcher list this off-season.  Cobb is well versed with the Cubs coaching staff (played for both Joe Maddon and Jim Hickey) and is reportedly seeking a 5-year deal.  What shall the Cubs do?????

3.  GM Meetings:  Which brings us to this point.  Theo Epstein did not have a whole lot to say at the conclusion of the GM meetings this week.  As we Cub fans know, this is not bad.  Epstein usually plays everything close to his vest.  I doubt many of us saw the Wade Davis for Jorge Soler trade coming last off-season.  The Lester signing was talked about but was never a sure thing to get done until the pen hit the paper.  As Cub fans have done for the past few years, and what we should continue to do, is trust what Theo is doing.  The GM meetings is where the ground work gets laid.  I am betting that he already has a trade or two in the works (we need starters, bullpen, lead-off guy, etc.) and is farther along with some free agents than we might think.  Winter meetings happen in December.  It is a long off-season….lets just pray that another Justin Wilson trade occurs.  Lawd, what happened there?!?!?

Cub fans, have a great Thanksgiving.  Important to remember….eat until you are on the verge of puking.  Unbutton your britches and enjoy family/football.   Not necessarily in that order.

  • Buddy

    Back by popular demand…OK, not really, but here are some comments from the last week that caught my eye:

    1. Len Kasper is a Human Rights violation in the broadcast booth.
    2. I’d like to revisit the merits of signing Adam Dunn over Milton Bradley.
    3. Hank White is moving on? Best nickname in the Big Leagues.
    4. What is a quality control coach anyways?
    5. Keeping effective bullpen pieces around doesn’t seem to be the front office’s MO.
    6. Seymour loves when you make him look like the smartest guy in the room.
    7. Lackey should retire. He came to Chicago to get a ring, and he got one.
    8. If we only focus on things that will happen we’d be even more bored by the offseason than we are now.
    9. “Not at all” usually means the announcement is imminent.
    10.We are three weeks in without Lizzies? I am still shaking a little from the detox.

    • Doc Raker

      Outstanding work. Buddy’s Best.

    • Eddie Von White

      Good work on Buddy’s Best, Buddy. Especially after Butts’ warning.

      • Buddy

        Thanks! I’ll keep doing it once a week until somebody tells me to stop.

      • Don’t stop! It makes me feel less guilty. 👍🏼

      • Eddie Von White

        You should not feel guilty. You have done a great humanitarian work.

    • Adam Peters


  • Doc Raker

    borA$$ is a very rich clown. He knows all he needs is only 1 out of the 30 GM’s to buy what he is selling. Thed ain’t buying the borA$$ bull$hit. Arrieta is very good but isn’t worth what borA$$ is asking. Jake isn’t Cy Young Jake anymore, he hardly gets through 5 innings on most starts. Don’t over pay for Jake.

    Any news from the GM meetings about the Simpson Land man touting the Fire Joe Maddon sign and his buddy with the Fire Len Kasper sign? Brad wants to know.

    Any news about the roster for Randy’s Fantasy Camp? Will Seymour keep his starting roll after hitting .017 last January?

    Any news from Sherm?

  • Buddy

    I would pass on Cobb if it takes five years to sign him. Three years or less, then I’m interested.

    • Sherm

      I just don’t want to be listening to Len when Cobb pitches to Szczur.

      • Doc Raker

        So horrible but lets not dwell on it.

      • Michael S.

        1 salad joke from him and I’d become a full time carnivore out of spite.

      • JTBarrett16

        You don’t win friends with salad

  • Brad Lyerla

    Thanks Ryan. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.