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November 2017



Wanted: Closer

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In the past, which we should all get over saying, the Cubs have went into the the offseason winter meetings unsure about who their closer would be for the following season.  Yeah, maybe they did have a closer on the team, but were they REALLY the closer?  This year is no different.  Wade Davis provided the Cubs with some much needed comfort heading into this past season.  After being traded from the Royals for Jorge Soler before the season began, Davis finished the year with 4-2 record, 32 saves, 2.30 ERA with an age of 31.  What are we to do now…find another closer.

The Cubs would be very intelligent to go out today and make an offer that Davis cannot refuse.  We have seen how our bullpen performed over the course of the year….especially in the playoffs.  During all of this, Davis was the one reliable pitcher that we had out underneath the bleachers.  We asked him to get us one out, he did that.  We ask him to get us two innings in a crucial game, he did that.  Signing Davis would get us past that position and allow us to then go after a starting pitcher through the trade market.  As of Saturday, November 11th, the Cubs have no one sitting in the bullpen right now that can come in and take Davis’s spot.  Davis made 8 million last year.  That was the best one year contract on the team.  I am really unsettled on being so wishy washy when it comes to who the closer will be before the season starts.

The wanted poster says we need a closer.  Front office needs to pick up the phone, make the offer, and get this done.  Wade Davis is our closer.

  • JTBarrett16

    I would overpay and keep Davis.

  • Doc Raker

    Smarja can close. Smarja for Heyward is the rumor.

    • Karen Hirsh

      Smarja is awful. Hope they keep Heyward for his defense. Maybe the new hitting coach can help him.

      • Doc Raker

        Yes, Mam. I apologize for such foolishness.

  • Buddy

    I predict they trade for somebody like the Padres’ Brad Hand. Davis signs somewhere else. Heyward stays a Cub.

    • Eddie Von White

      Any relation to Bill Hands?

      • Sherm

        Or Rollie Fingers?

      • Eddie Von White

        Or Tony Armas?

      • Doc Raker

        Or Three Finger Charlie

      • Sherm

        Or Raphael “Palm”ero

      • Doc Raker

        You can delete that if you were going for humor

      • Buddy

        Pinky Pittenger?

    • Doc Raker

      Or Six Finger Charlie

  • Buddy

    This will never replace Lizzie’s fine work, but here are some comments that caught my eye recently…

    1. “Samardzija would be a decent #5. He eats innings & he’s only marginally awful.”
    2. “Almora is a no trade player for me.”
    3. “Baez will not become an OBP machine overnight, and probly not ever, but that’s OK: aggressive sluggers are also dangerous.
    4. “Expectations. A dangerous thing in sports.”
    5. “If you send your bat flying into the stands mid-at-bat, you should have to finish the at-bat batless.”
    6. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Schwarb gets traded for a bullpen piece…”
    7. “Even an excellent player is useless with a manager aversion.”
    8. “Every demographic needs an Urkel.”
    9. “I would puke if they brought Samardzija back.”
    10. “Mattingly better trim his sideburns then so Jeter doesn’t fire him and hire Girardi.”

    • Eddie Von White

      You’re hired.

      • Agree!!! These are wonderful! (And you’ll love the salary! 🤣)

    • Doc Raker

      Outstanding work Buddy. You are hired. Big Toe Joe will send over a cup to pee in and a W2 form for you.

    • Adam Peters

      Woo Hoo! I score 20%. Suck it, Sherm!

      • Doc Raker

        Don’t mess with the Lizzie/ Buddy Best’s Gods

  • Buddy
    • Adam Peters