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So here we are, the final day of the Chicago Cubs “Reigning World Series Champions” claim. It’s been a good run. There were times I felt I’d never see it happen in my lifetime. Now that it has, I feel pretty good that we’ll see it happen again. That, my friends, is called hope. Hope sucks.

I was driving to Nashville last night during the game and listening to it on the radio when I suddenly remembered that “I don’t really like listening to baseball on the radio.” It’s “okay” at best, especially when you don’t have a horse in the race.

Now that Lizzie has free time, I think she should replace Carrie the Muskrat.

The Cubs next bench coach should be whoever Joe Girardi wants it to be. Wait, did I type that out loud?

To me – and I love AJ Hinch and his decision making this offseason – the Astros blew the game in the fourth. Runners on second and third and no one out. 8 hitter coming up – and happens to be Reddick (now THERE’S a name Seymour must love) who hasn’t had an important hit since he played for Oakland. Plus, he’s a lefty and he’s facing Rich Hill. To me, the ONLY play there was to bring in Evan Gattis, the big righty. Here’s why. Will they walk Gattis? I doubt it. If they DO? Great for Houston. Bases loaded for Verlander. Send him up there with instructions NOT to swing the bat. Walk or K. Either way, Springer gets an at bat with bases loaded and only one out at the most. It’s a game breaking moment. But no, he leaves in Redwanker and the guy whiffs as we all knew he would. And so does Verlander. And they pass Springer to get to Bregman who grounds out. Missed opportunity there. Runs there keep Verlander in the game beyond the two runs he gave up.

If I’m Rich Hill, I’m calling Kyle Hendricks and saying “WTF is with these managers?”

Roberts is over-managing his bullpen (Maddoning, I think it’s called) and still has a chance to win it all.

I don’t like Yasiel Queef. Or whatever his name is. Whatever happened to humility in sports? Is Kris Bryant the only humble ballplayer left?

I hope that Yuli Gurriel homers off Darvish tonight and then bows to him before running the bases. What? Too soon?

I want the Astros to win, but deep down? I really don’t care who wins.

This should be an interesting off-season. I’m very interested in what Theo & Co. will do. I’m worried about who they might trade. I’m hopeful (hope, again) that they land some some quality ballplayers to fill the handful of open spaces on the roster.

I don’t like Alex Cobb. I can’t watch him pitch. He does this stupid little toe point thing in his windup that makes me crazy. Please don’t sign him. Yes. I’m THAT shallow. Plus, he’s 30 and oft-injured. You read that right, I wrote “oft.”

Happy All Saints Day. (See, you thought I was an asshole for the Gurriel and Cobb commentary, and then I go and say something like that and totally redeem myself)


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