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GirlieView (10/26/2017)

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This is not your typical GirlieView. It makes me sad and happy at the same time.

Big Toe Joe and I talked a few weeks back about the direction VFTB will take in the off-season. I’m not sure of Joe’s decisions and even if I was I’d let him tell you himself. But we did decide that the GirlieView would be wrapping up after the end of the season, win or lose.

So, this is it. The final GirlieView. I didn’t tally up any Lizzies this week. I thought instead I’d take you on a bit of a historical tour of the column.

Many of you have been here with me the entire time. Those of you who haven’t will still recognize some of the names and certainly many of the stories, even from years past. We tend to revisit a lot.

I started writing here in early 2009. I called my column GirlieView because I was the only female writer and it was mainly to talk about baseball from a girl’s perspective. It didn’t go over well. I hadn’t yet thought up the Lizzie idea, so mainly I was just yapping. Like here. I got zero comments for months.

In June that year, I happened to quote one person’s comments in my column. That person thanked me. And something began to take shape in my head. (You can click on each date to open the corresponding post.)

  • GirlieView 06/26/2009 – The first time I quoted the commenters. Got five comments! This was huge for me. (Also was the most I’d get for the next month of my posts all added together. Lol.)
  • GirlieView 07/31/2009 – Made up a story about a naked ball girl. Got seven comments!
  • GirlieView 08/07/2009 – cap’n realist (then known as cap’n obvious) suggested that the weekly highlights be called Lizzies.
  • GirlieView 08/14/2009 – I called them Lizzies, and I got 32 comments! Granted most were from dave l disagreeing with everyone, but I was happy!
  • GirlieView 08/21/2009 – Sherm made history with what was and is to this day the best Lizzie ever. This was when the Lizard was conceived but it wasn’t called that yet. I still only got five comments. No one really liked me yet. I was a girl who sometimes talked about girlie things on “their” he-man baseball blog and that didn’t go over well with some of the less evolved fellas. But the site stats told a different story. People read it even if they didn’t comment. To this day we have some in our audience who won’t ever acknowledge reading the GV or being pleased when one of their quotes show up. But I have a feeling they like it even if they won’t admit it!
  • GirlieView 09/25/2009 – I first proposed the weekly winner of the Lizzies, and asked folks to help me come up with a name. No one came up with much, but in this particular post Sherm suggested the Gregg substitution for the f-word since CAPS swore too much and I was thisclose to banning him from the site completely. 56 comments!
  • The term Lizard came from an offline suggestion and I decided to go with it. And that format has held ever since then.

I picked a few of my favorites from over the years. They are my favorites for different reasons. Sometimes I like the Lizzies themselves. Sometimes I like the conversation. Mostly I find it amusing how we passed the time during the off-seasons and the sucky-seasons. Since it’s the boring off-season as we speak, you might enjoy some of these. (Again, click to open.)

That one, 09/14, was when I made the final decision that it was time to stop. My entire time here I wanted nothing more than to cultivate camaraderie among us. That was always the point of the Lizzies, to show how one funny comment flowed from another, even among these people who mostly never knew each other before VFTB. Little did I know when I started, that many of these people would eventually meet in person based on friendships they have made here. Some people who didn’t know each other before this, now routinely converse offline in vulgarity-ridden group texts. Yes. My job here is done.

Thank you. ❤️


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