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Two Down, Four to Go

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I’m looking at my 2009 Cubs Baseball Schedule. There are 6 full months of baseball in the season, and two of them are gone. Two down, four to go. Excluding October, of course.

So how are things going, 1/3 of the way through the calendar season?

The Cubbies are two games above .500 (25 and 23), with a .521 winning percentage.

Overall, the starting pitching is looking good. When Carlos is not taking a baseball bat to the Gatorade cooler, that is. Randy Wells is a welcome addition to the rotation. Rich Harden’s back may get better. I’d love to see Jake Peavy in a Cubs uniform, but I can live without it.

The Cubs sluggers are batting above .200. Milton Bradley’s three hits yesterday raised his batting average to .223 (although it was under .200 as recently as Tuesday). Derrek Lee and Alfonso Soriano are both hitting .246 at the moment. I feel like all three guys are about to go on a hitting tear in June which will be fun to watch. And if not, there’s always next year.

The relief pitching corps is shaping up. We know who we can count on, and we know who we cannot count on.

The minor league guys are providing some excitement and have been carrying the team at times.

Lou is in a relaxed mode this year. He got his left handed and/or switch hitting influenced lineup, and now he’s cruising along.

Where will this all end? I have good news. The Cubbies will play in October this year! They have one scheduled game with the Pirates and three with Arizona through the 4th of October. So we’ve got that going for us.

Enjoy the rest of the season.

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  • Mastrick

    As long as we stay within five games of first I’m cool. It’s the team that’s hot in August and September that will carry momentum into the playoffs, it’s that way every year. Our bats need to come alive generally, Theriot and Fukudome have been consistent but everybody else needs to start seeing the ball and hitting the ball. When we start hitting we will start winning. And we *are* four out of the last six so things are starting to turn.

  • Mastrick

    Rotoworld gave me a chuckle with their post-mortem on tonight’s massacre:

    After hearing before the game that he was heading to the bullpen, Sean Marshall was lit up for eight runs — seven earned — in 4 1/3 innings by the Dodgers on Sunday night.
    Way to go, Lou. Maybe when you give Marshall the ball for his next relief appearance, you can tell him his dog died. Marshall had allowed more than three runs in just one of his starts this season and that one time was a direct result of two inherited runners scored in the eighth inning of an outing last month against the Giants.

    Maybe it’s time for Uncle Lou to start using the prune juice, I saw him shaking his head in the Cubs’ dugout when Marmol got in trouble. What happened to yer spunk Lou?