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Things You Should Know on October 21st

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Well, it’s over. Did you watch on Thursday? I went to a concert at my church and got home around 9:15p EDT and pulled up the score. I saw it was 7-0 in the 2nd and was thankful I didn’t watch that mess. Now we wait the long wait till opening day.

Here are things you need to know for today.

Yankees / Astros – Game 7 tonight

After going up 2-0 in the series and then dropping three in a row, Justin Verlander was awesome last night and gave the Astros what they paid for to force game seven tonight. It’s been a series of each team holding serve at home and the Astros have the better team, so I’m going with them tonight.

Dusty is Out in Washington

In case you missed the news since it came out early and then got swallowed up by ALCS news, Dusty Baker was relieved of his duties as manager of the Nationals.

Theo Speaks

Theo Epstein had his annual post-season press conference. As usual, he was candid and honest in his responses.

You can listen to the whole press conference here. The biggest nugget was that he mentioned a shakeup from their stock of position players to address the pitching needs. I’d have to imagine that means Kyle Schwarber and/or Ian Happ have been placed on notice.

Jake Sells

This tweet says it all, although maybe it’s not our Arrieta. Look at the spelling on the name. There is still hope.


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