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To Hell With The Posey Rule

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Every time MLB makes a controversial change to a rule, there’s always a question of, ‘What happens if this happens in a playoff game?’

Well, guess what, the Posey Rule happened.  In a playoff game.  It’s probably happened before and I just haven’t noticed, because it hasn’t happened to us.  But now it has, and I’m pissed.

Does that call/replay review make a lick of difference in the game?  No.  The bullpen was busy letting runners get on base (and, as a side note, because I’m not really recapping the game here–there’s really nothing else to be done here except Joe Maddon putting himself on the mound and throwing strikes; NO ONE is getting it done),  which in part left us needing a hope and a prayer at a Schwarber outfield assist to stop that run scoring anyway.  And the offense stopped doing anything productive once Kershaw was lifted, but even before there wasn’t much being done aside from Albert Almora (who, again, was lifted as part of yet another double switch way too early–feel free to castigate Maddon for that one).

But, the fact is, there was a runner barrelling toward home, Schwarber got the ball in, the runner neglected to do the thing that scores you a run–touch the damn plate–and Contreras got him when he saw the umpire just staring at the plate still.

Until the replay.  Evidently, Willson moving his leg over to help him get the ball so he could MAKE a tag prevented the runner from getting to the plate.  Not the fact that he was sliding roughly 3 feet away from the damn thing, oh no.  It’s not like there wasn’t a gaping hole between Contreras’ legs that he could have gotten to the plate by (there was, and it was big enough for Jonathon Toews to knock three pucks through without any of them touching each other).  But, the ump in Chelsea, New York decided that he did A Bad Thing, and LA gets their fifth run.

Why the hell is this rule even a rule?  Pat and Ron were glowing about the play, and not in an overly homer-ish way–I’m sure they’d have been just as impressed if whoever LA’s catcher is did the same thing.  Even the TBS fools were a bit dumbfounded about the whole thing.  But, here’s why that rule exists:

Buster Posey got hurt.  The baby-faced, popular catcher got hurt.  The guy whose commercial where he’s acting like he’s gonna delivery a baby because ‘he wears a glove, your doctor wears a glove, it’s basically the same thing’ is replaying this year, despite San Francisco not making the postseason.

Does that rule exist if, say, Miguel Montero gets hurt?  Wellington Castillo?  Taylor Davis?  Koyie Hill? No.  It had to be Posey, or someone with the last name Molina, to drive that to happen.  Because otherwise, no one would give a damn.  You wouldn’t have bandwagon fans red in the face because THAT SHOULDN’T BE LEGAL, GUYS ARE GETTING HURT.  Guess what? Those guys get armor to begin with, okay?  They know they’re in a pretty tough spot on the field, and it carries injury risk.  They KNOW.  They’ve known FOR YEARS.  Getting rolled by a first baseman the size of a linebacker at the plate was part of the job description.  And one guy–ONE GUY–got hurt, so the rules have to change.

The rule is idiotic.  It only detracts from the game.  It’s hard to understand what exactly is legal or not.  And now, it’s popped up, against us, in the postseason.  Even if it didn’t cost us the game, it’s still infuriating that it was even something to be considered.  But, it seems we’re stuck with it.


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