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Saturday Afternoon Game Time

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Since it looks like no one’s posting and 83 comments on the GV are more than enough to scroll through, I’ll post this quickie as a place for further conversation.

Here’s what’s going on:

  • The Cubs beat the Cardinals 8-2 on Friday afternoon in a fiery game that saw John Lackey and Willson Contreras ejected after arguing with home plate umpire Jordan Baker in the fifth inning.
  • Lackey became disagreeable by pitch #2 in inning #1 so it’s difficult to have much sympathy for what may have been a valid argument by inning #5. See Cried Wolf, Boy.
  • Baker’s ejection move was the best part of the whole affair, simply waving his hand at Lackey in a “go get a shower ya whine-ass” way, refusing to engage. Priceless.
  • I don’t like Lackey (really, Liz? We couldn’t tell.) I particularly hate his influence on younger, more impressionable players such as Contreras who isn’t a bastion of calm cool collectedness to begin with. Contreras was suspended for two games for his unnecessary antics, which unfortunately included a mask toss that bounced up and hit Baker. Certainly he didn’t intend to hit anyone with anything, but the entire outburst was ill-advised during the last two weeks of a tenuous playoff run.
  • Nevertheless, it was really a great game, a particularly satisfying win against the Cardinals. Not that ANY win against the Cardinals isn’t great, but this was especially fun.
  • The Cubs (81-66) are currently three games ahead of Milwaukee (78-69) and four ahead of St. Louis (77-70).
  • Kyle Hendricks will pitch a few innings vs Michael Wacha today, in a 3:05pm CT game.




  • Brad Lyerla

    I really disliked Schwarber’s at bat to end the last inning. Ugh.

  • Michael S.

    Wilson does need to watch himself, but at the same time I don’t think he did near enough to warrant getting tossed. He doesn’t get tossed, his mask doesn’t get tossed, and no suspension. And Joe should have been a little quicker getting his happy ass out there, instead of just sauntering out while the umpire gets happy with the thumb.

    • cap’n realist

      and after Willson got dumped, Joe should have stayed there and barked until he got himself run as well. 33% more paperwork for the umpire, and make damn sure you turn the whole ballpark’s volume up a couple dozen decibels. Unfortunately, and as usual, Joe didn’t even spill his coffee. Not a drop.

      • 50%

      • Doc Raker

        3 peoples paper work instead of 2

      • Sherm

        I’m with Swan on the math here. It’s 50%

        I’m with you on Maddon – he has to go berserk there, if for no other reason than it’s fun to do. But, here’s a little known fact: Binny’s doesn’t sponsor ejections, so…

  • Eddie Von White

    Yesterday’s win was very satisfying. Ron Coomer went nuts. Pat simply said that one needs to be able to keep himself under control in those situations. Neither did.

  • Brad Lyerla

    Almora is even hotter than Rizzo.

    • Michael S.

      Eh, I’m not a fan of the scruffy look.

      Oh, you meant at the plate…

      • I shit you not. I said those words out loud today.

  • Joe Aiello

    How about Addison Russel coming back and hitting a home run in his first day back.

    • Very impressive! Not so impressive is that Len and JD confirmed he will be playing shortstop with Baez back to second, to screw up any consistency we may have seen lately. (That last phrase is my addendum of course, Len and JD would never question a decision.)

      • Bryzzo1744

        Of course Maddon would do that.

      • Doc Raker

        Russell moving back to SS is a head scratcher, Baez has been the best SS in all of baseball and Russell has struggled all year making throws. The obvious move is to keep Baez at SS and move Russell to second base. The obvious move for Len and JD is to sell whatever Maddon and the front office is doing. I pity anyone stuck with Len and JD and no other broadcast options.

    • Doc Raker

      How about Big Toe Joe coming back to the VFTB and posting a Lizzie in his first day back

  • Also worth mentioning, the game was well into the eighth inning and Hendricks still hadn’t showered!! When was the last time that happened?

    • Seymour Butts

      Is that a hygiene question?

  • Doug S.

    Question for the higher GPA folks here…
    Can the Contreras appeal drag out and bite us in the ass?

    • Doug S.

      No GPA here, but just read the suspension was reduced to 1 game – served today. No ass biting.

      • Eddie Von White

        Way to set yourself up to look like a genius. Genius!!

  • Doc Raker

    Hendricks looks like he is back to Cy Young form and Maddon let him throw 100+ pitches. Perfect timing, not a game too soon.

    Almora was 3 for 4, he needs to play. Bryant, Rizzo, Contreras, Almora, Baez, Jay, Happ need to play without Zo leading off.

    Tattoo looks tired and old and the Cardinals look sloppy. I think the Brewers are going to take it to the Cardinals also. I will never count the Cardinals out until Cardinal Elimination Day but they are a shell of the Tony LaRussa Cardinals I used to know.

  • Doc Raker

    6 it is, up on the Cards. I don’t know what is more enjoyable, watching the Cubs sweep the Cards or watching the Packers lose.

    This day in baseball history, Sept 17, Ernie Banks debuted for the Cubs in 1953 and Stan Musial debuted for the Cardinals in 1941.

    We won that game despite Joe Maddon.
    1) Leaves Schwarbs in late to blow an easy fly ball and open the door for the Cardinals.
    2) Let’s Schwarber hit against a lefty in the 7th tied 3-3 instead of pinch hitting with a righty bat
    3) Doesn’t have Schwarbs bunt with 1st and second and nobody out against the lefty in the same AB mentioned in #2.
    4) Removed Almora for a pinch hitter. Almora has been the hottest hitter in the game and he is our best CF. Why not let him hit? He hits righties.

    All of these curious moves where not lost on Cardinals broadcasters, some dude and TIm McCarver. “I know Joe Maddon is smart and unorthodox but I don’t get these moves. Schwarber needed to bunt there.”

    Tattoo needs to retire to Fantasy Island, he is fat, slow and can’t even catch a throw to home plate anymore. I saw him drop or miss 3 throws to the plate during this series. Tattoo is like Blutowski, fat slow and old is no way to go through a baseball season. These Cardinals are sloppy , Tony LaRussa is no where insight.