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Saturday Afternoon Game Time

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Since it looks like no one’s posting and 83 comments on the GV are more than enough to scroll through, I’ll post this quickie as a place for further conversation.

Here’s what’s going on:

  • The Cubs beat the Cardinals 8-2 on Friday afternoon in a fiery game that saw John Lackey and Willson Contreras ejected after arguing with home plate umpire Jordan Baker in the fifth inning.
  • Lackey became disagreeable by pitch #2 in inning #1 so it’s difficult to have much sympathy for what may have been a valid argument by inning #5. See Cried Wolf, Boy.
  • Baker’s ejection move was the best part of the whole affair, simply waving his hand at Lackey in a “go get a shower ya whine-ass” way, refusing to engage. Priceless.
  • I don’t like Lackey (really, Liz? We couldn’t tell.) I particularly hate his influence on younger, more impressionable players such as Contreras who isn’t a bastion of calm cool collectedness to begin with. Contreras was suspended for two games for his unnecessary antics, which unfortunately included a mask toss that bounced up and hit Baker. Certainly he didn’t intend to hit anyone with anything, but the entire outburst was ill-advised during the last two weeks of a tenuous playoff run.
  • Nevertheless, it was really a great game, a particularly satisfying win against the Cardinals. Not that ANY win against the Cardinals isn’t great, but this was especially fun.
  • The Cubs (81-66) are currently three games ahead of Milwaukee (78-69) and four ahead of St. Louis (77-70).
  • Kyle Hendricks will pitch a few innings vs Michael Wacha today, in a 3:05pm CT game.





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