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Thursday Morning Stand-up

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What they did yesterday: 

All you one-run-win truthers out there rejoice, the Cubs won a nail-biter. Jose Quintana went six strong, allowing six hits, while striking out (the same amount) of hitters. With two on and nobody out in the 6th, Javier ‘El Mago’ Baez turned a short-hop liner into a 6-5-4 double play. Somewhat similar to the play he made against the Dodgers in NLCS Game 2.

Garret Cole was slightly more impressive, allowing just two hits over eight scoreless. He struck out eight but did walk four. The Cubs’ bats wouldn’t come alive until the 9th, lead by a one out walk from Anthony Rizzo. Recently acquired pitcher, err center fielder, Leonys Martin would pinch run and score on a triple from (recently acquired) Alex Avila. Some are even going as far as calling this ‘The Deadline Acquisitions Game’, or ‘The Theo Game’. Oh, just me? Never mind then.

Nevertheless, a win is a win is a win. Pair that with a Brewers loss 🙂 and a Cardinals win 🙁 and you have a flip in the standings by one half game: Cardinals 4.0 GB, Brewers 4.5 GB.

What they’ll do today:

Rubber match: Jon Lester takes on Jameson Taillon before the Cubs head back to Wrigley for some Friday Night Baseball.

What’s in their way:

Health: The team has been able to sustain some breathing room despite missing the two regular position players. Nobody is going to argue the importance Willson Contreras has in the starting lineup. The emergence of a consistent Javy Baez has some asking questions about the return of Addison Russell and it will certainly be interesting to see how Joe handles the return of his once everyday shortstop. He is certainly someone you want on that playoff roster, so here’s to hoping this time off to get healthy is just what he needed to return to productive form. It could be two times around the rotation before seeing Jake Arrieta take the mound again. Sadly this comes during a time Cy Arrieta was starting to show himself again. I don’t worry much about Jake given the intensity at which he manages his body, so if he’s confident, I am too.

That’s what he said: Despite just winning a World Series (people forget that), there is still that ominous feeling surrounding this team. I know all my doubts were supposed to be lifted with the trophy over Theo’s head, but that Cub fan feeling hangs over this season just a little more than I expected it would. They just need to handle their business over these last 22, especially against the Brewers and Cardinals (duh), and find whatever switch they need to flip to get hot at the right time. A deep run through October, just enough to make these old doubt-filled habits die hard.

  • Doc Raker

    The Pirates stole game 2 and the Cubs stole game 3, that’s baseball. The Pirates radio broadcast had some very interesting Roberto Clemente stories and interview clips throughout the broadcast. I watched on MLB.TV with the Pirates radio feed as the audio. Good stuff. I pity all the people stuck in Len Land.

    • Bryzzo1744

      I watched their feed last night thanks to your advice

  • Bryzzo1744

    The good thing about this recent surge along with Colorado’s decline is the wild card is now in play as wel as the division. Of course I want to win the division and not have to burn my ace in a one game playoff to advance further

    • SouthCarolinaCubFan1991

      Who’s this ace you speak of?

  • Adam Peters

    This is the kind of game the Cubs won consistently last year. Hopefully this is a good sign.

  • Brad Lyerla

    Thanks Trevor. Good discussion.

    I too am looking for the silver lining these days. My view right now is that if they can win it all this year, with all that has gone wrong, it will be even more impressive than last year.

    We’ll see.

    • Bryzzo1744

      And sadly that will buy Maddon a job for life.

      • SouthCarolinaCubFan1991

        dont forget he’ll also receive………free meals for life in the Chicagoland area, a 30 ft statue (at least 30, possibly more), and the label of “Smartest Manager in the World” for no less than the next 5 years

      • Bryzzo1744

        I don’t care about him cashing in on the victory lap. I care about him running the show.

      • And by running, you of course refer to coaching like a football manager.

      • SouthCarolinaCubFan1991

        nah homie…….i knew what you meant….i was just making a poor attempt at sarcasm. Peronsally? I was prepping for him to be ran out of town last year between games 5 – 7 of the WS, dude was the homer simpson of world series managers last year

      • Dork

        I just don’t get the Maddon hate. I think he would be a fun manager to play for, and even this year the team is like 33 -18 in the second half so far. with the Dodgers skid that is the best record in the second half of any team in baseball. As frustrating as it has been at times (the last 3 days before yesterday) they still have a 4 game lead on admittedly a crappy division. Additionally, if he leads the team to another WS then he needs to go? where is the logic there?

      • Dork

        Correction The cubs hold the second best record in the second half – Cleveland with their 14 game win streak has moved ahead of them in the last 3 days.

      • You nailed it Dork. I bet they ALL think he’s “fun to play for” (maybe not Hendricks). But I think they have needed a bit less of a “buddy” and a bit more of a disciplinarian this year. Not like a “mind your curfew” disciplinarian, but rather a “if you can’t get the job done I’ll play someone who can” and “stop swinging for the fences when a single will do” or “for the love of God Willson, stop squaring around to bunt when we’re two runs down and you’ve had the only hot bat all day long” rather than his typical dumbfounded dugout look. He’s the leader. I need him to lead.

      • By the way I dont think he should be fired.

      • Bryzzo1744

        This is why he needs to go. He’s more interested in this than leading the team and doing what’s best for them. Winning the World Series does not make him an automatic success.

      • Bryzzo1744

        He pulled a Homer last year to win the World Series, and the way he’s going this year, he’ll pull another Homer. That is not a good manager

      • Jerry in Wisconsin

        CAPS, you sometimes need to lighten up.

  • Jerry in Wisconsin

    I can’t believe that Q, Rondon, and Strop all combined for eight scoreless innings, and then it was topped off with a clean ninth by Davis. This is a good sign for the playoffs.

  • Still playing catch-up from a week in Iowa and kiddo #1 starting kindergarten. Caught the end of last night’s game.. that shift was absurd.

    • Eddie Von White

      That’s two traumatic events in a row.

      • Eddie Von White

        And since it appears the thing to do today is to reply to yourself, this is my reply.
        Good game so far tonight.

      • So observant!!! ?

      • #2 was really fun actually.. makes me proud

      • Sherm

        Cue Seymour with a joke about a #2 that made him proud in 3…2…

      • Eddie Von White

        Yes. Your little girl is growing up.

      • Jerry in Wisconsin

        This is not a Seymour #2 joke, what happened?

  • Doc Raker

    Today, I am going to concede that Kyle Schwarber will not hit 83 home runs in the 2017 season. I am still hoping he will get 83 hits.

    • Kyle

      It’s not looking good

  • Jerry in Wisconsin

    Yea, I get the home announcers tonight, and that does not mean Len & JD

    • Doc Raker

      Lucky you. Way to use your “Get out of Len Jail card’

  • Doc Raker

    Kyle Schwarber has 75 hits, 40 of them are extra bases, 24 HR’s 1 triple and 15 doubles, only 35 singles. That is an unusual line, if he increased his contact rate he could be really special, but right now he is not.

    • Jerry in Wisconsin

      He needs to go to left more often. If you look at his ground balls in play numbers, if he hits it on the ground it is on the right field side, and on those grounders he is batting around .050.

      • Doc Raker

        He has hit more balls to left field since his trip to AAA.