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September 2017



The Streak Ends

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Hello, Cub fans!

It has been a while since I have written. I’ll get you up to speed: New Dad, New Job, New House! Now that we have caught up, let’s talk Cubbies!

Over the next few Mondays I will sum up the week and the Cubs current playoff hopes, while setting up the week ahead! This quick little guide will help you (if you need it) stay sharp on the nitty gritty as we get closer to the postseason.

Current Position: 1st Place in the NL Central, 3.5 games up on Milwaukee,

Magic Number: 23

Games left: 26

Record from the past week:  6-1

Star of the Week:
Anthony Rizzo: Not only did he get to the 30/30/100 mark for the 3rd straight season, he continued his TORRID stretch going 10-22 with another 8 RBIs. MVP??

Coming up Next:
4 games at Pittsburgh, 3 with Milwaukee

Rotation Order: 

Monday – Jake “The Snake” Arrieta

Tuesday – Kyle “The Professor” Hendricks

Wednesday – Jose “Q” Quintana

Thursday – Jon Lester

Friday – John Lackey

Saturday – Jake Arrieta

Sunday – Kyle Hendricks

Game of the week:

Friday, September 8th: John Lackey vs TBD- The first ever Friday night game at Wrigley Field! No matter how mad Milwaukee is about this game, it is awesome for the city of Chicago.

Picks to Click: 

1.) Anthony Rizzo- Anthony is coming off of a torrid August, and does not seem to be slowing down in September. With a big series vs. Pittsburgh under his belt last week, look for him to continue to click.

2.) Kyle Hendricks – Jake Arrieta is getting the attention, but “The Professor” has been teaching class since returning from injury. Lester has not been himself this season, so having him be solid in his 2 starts this week will be key.

What record are you looking the Cubs have by weeks end?

Tune in next week for more playoff push action!!



  • Brad Lyerla

    Jeff, congrats on the job, house and especially the baby!

    A couple of concerns:

    1. It feels like Bryant has cooled off. I worry about him. His at bats seem tight, nothing flows.

    2. How is Baez after the knock in the head?

    3. Riz got hot just at the right time. Contreras was our MVP up until that point.

    4. I have been thinking that Joe should go with our best defensive line ups for Hendricks and Quintana. They throw strikes and put the ball in play. Arrieta and Lester pitch a bit differently and a more offensive line up might make sense. Lackey gives up a lot of fly balls, so defensive outfield, offensive minded infield? What do others think?

    • Jeff Ragauskis

      All valid points! I want to look at the Metrics, but Bryant is definitely different this year. He seems to have very few impactful at bats. Also, have you noticed that he is using a light grain, wood bat now? It used to be a black one. It seems it has helped his bat speed. My theory is it is lighter, for the hand strength from the thumb injury has caused some issues with launch angle.

      • Brad Lyerla

        Good point about Bryant’s bat. He has a long swing, but I wouldn’t mess with it.

  • Welcome back Jeff! Three of life’s biggest changes at one time is at once challenging and exhilarating I’m sure!! Glad you can fit us in too though I’m not sure how!

    I feel in my gut that the Cubs are clicking more. Even though they still frustrate me at times, overall I think they are a tad less frustrating than they had been. So we’ll see!

    • Jeff Ragauskis

      Thank you!

      I honestly feel this is lining up bizarrely well. The regular season this year has been about weathering the exhaustion of last year and health. I look for Lester to get “Lester-y” and everyone to be healthy for the postseason!

    • Dork

      Nope still frustrating.

      • You’re right Dork. I spoke too soon!

      • Dork

        Yep still frustrating

  • Doug S.

    Just read that Baez’s thumb (??) was giving him grief and he could come off the bench today and play.

  • Doug S.

    I pulled something in my arm reaching for the 10th beer in that 0-12 drubbing.

    • Bryzzo1744

      I tweaked my shoulder opening the fridge for my 10th water during that game.

    • Doc Raker

      Doug , are you Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetic?

  • Bryzzo1744

    Congrats on the kid. First one? Boy or girl?

  • Dork

    All of a sudden the Dodgers stink. They are 1-9 in their last 10

    • Jerry in Wisconsin

      They are practicing for the playoffs.

      • Adam Peters

        Ha! Truth!

  • Doc Raker

    Congrats on the new job, home and the biggest blessing in life in the birth of your child.

  • Doc Raker

    This game of baseball is so hard to figure out, The Dojers go 1-9 after being 50+ game sover .500, Jake walks off the field after giving up multiple runs in 2.1 innings, the first place Cubs lose 0-12 to the down and out Pirates, the first place Red Sox lose 4 in a row including a 4-10 drubbing by the last place Blue Jays, you just can’t predict this stuff.

    I was at Fenway for the first time ever. It is a very cool park, they really have done a great job at keeping the history and keeping it maintained.

    • Bryzzo1744

      Where did you sit? The difference between Chicago and Boston is the Red Sox don’t have to fight the city tooth and nail to get what they want.

      • Doc Raker

        Up top down the left field line, good view. I would of called you CAPS but we didn’t have much time in Boston, only 1 day. Headed off to CT already.

      • Bryzzo1744

        Don’t worry about it, I was busy Monday.

    • Eddie Von White

      Why didn’t you meet up with CAPS while you were in Boston?

  • Michael S.

    “I hope he wins 20 games next year. I mean that sincerely. But when a player has a tough year, it’s on the player.’’ – Joe Maddon on Brett Anderson being a twit on Twitter

    So, when the manager keeps putting a player like that *cough*Schwarber*cough* in the lineup, who’s THAT on, hmm?

  • Adam Peters

    John “The Has-been” Lackey