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Piniella's new "nasty boys?"

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Have the Cubs become the new bad boys of baseball?  Sure looks that way, Carlos Zambrano got ejected in colorful fashion today as the Cubs won their second in a row.  Z’s departure came after throwing a wild pitch only to lose a close call at the plate (from my angle the runner was safe by a hair, getting his left hand around Zambrano’s block and tag.)   After that was the ensuing argument, Carlos and the umpire made incidental contact and the ejection occurred; Zambrano earned a likely suspension by symbolically ejecting the umpire, throwing the ball to the left field warning track and slamming his mitt on the way to the dugout.  After reaching the dugout it was time to take his fury out on the Gatorade dispenser and go to the clubhouse for a debriefing with Cubs’ anger management counselor Lou Piniella.

This makes two days this week where the Gatorade machine has come out on the short end of a disagreement with a Cubs pitcher (the first being with Ryan Dempster.)  The Cubs are still waiting to hear from MLB’s chief disciplinarian Bob Watson about Ted Lilly’s ejection and comments earlier this week.  And we all know about Milton Bradley’s recent suspension and comments about the quality of officiating.

  • So my first question to the readership is simple:  Are the recent spate of incidents constructive or destructive to the team’s morale and performance?

The Shoes of the Fisherman rip
I do not want to see an ongoing string of Cubs being tossed but I think the outbursts come at a time when the Cubs can benefit from a little excitement.  A few games into the losing streak it appeared as though they were sleep-walking; they’re sure not now!

  • My second question involves whether or not Zambrano should or will get a suspension.

From what I saw the ump made incidental contact first but Z’s actions after the ejection will probably cost him a start (and rightly so.)  And some fines.  And some repair costs on what looks to be a rather expensive Gatorade dispenser – PepsiCo can’t be too happy with the abuse that their Gatorade brand is getting from the Cubs starters…perhaps they should move that machine away from the clubhouse entrance and put a traditional water cooler in it’s place.  This Cubs team is starting to show some spunk!

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  • cap’n obvious

    Gatorade has gotten 50 times the value of that machine in free advertising and brand awareness over the past 3 days. Trust me, they are not upset over there.

    I agree that a little fire is good, but isn’t something that you want to see become habitual. The guy who should be getting himself run is Lou…thats a big part of HIS job. The players need to stay in games (Lilly hurt nothing, he wasn;t playing anyway), and potential suspensions can hust an already depleted roster.

  • Mark Strickler

    I agree that it is Piniella’s job to be tossed, I’m starting to wonder if he’s lost a little fire under his fantails.

  • Lizzie

    Yeah, Lou seems tired to me. Or something.

    Q1: I agree with cap’n … it’s ok for now because anything is better than nothing, but will quickly get old.

    Q2: Zambrano almost has to get a suspension, otherwise Bradley will start whining about how mistreated he is blah blah blah ad nauseum. Oddly enough I like Milton and think he was making some progress there (seemed to become more connected to his teammates in small but noticeable ways in the dugout, opening up to the press a little bit and not causing any controversy) until the stuff about how the umpires are out to get him. One step forward two steps back.

  • I think Milty took over Lou’s job of being the “Angry Guy” at the beginning of the season. While his comments off the field often seem childish, may times he is also taking the criticism for the team, while other players like Lee (Carpenter was the best pitcher I’ve seen all year?) are just blowing it off as a slump. I think his fiery attitude has started to catch wind in the clubhouse. The Cubs are as sick of losing as we are watching, reading and writing about them.

    Today’s blowup by Z and Monday’s by TRL (and half-heartedly Dempster’s) are what the Cubs need. Lilly, no suspension, Z gets 7, misses one start.

  • I do expect a suspension, mostly because of showing the umpire up with the ejction motion, but it won’t be as much as 7 games. And a 4-game suspension would mean not missing a start. Even a 5-gamer costs no start if there is an off day or if he takes it when Rich Harden is coming off the DL.

    I have a hope that the fireworks will actually help Milton Bradley. I saw him talking to reporters in the locker room, which is a start, and he had a chuckle, calling it a Milton Bradley moment (not the exact words, but the idea). It looked as if he enjoyed himself talking, he is doing some good hitting now, and it could be a step in the right direction for him and for the ballclub. Fingers crossed on that!

    Love the thought that Blanco and Fox had RBI doubles in the late innings — think about that for a moment — and contributed to a win only hours after being issued Cub uniforms. Just makes me wonder why no moves were made for the 8-game descent into Hades. These guys gave us a spark today. Jake Fox will get a start against one of the LA lefties.

  • Mastrick

    I would call Fox’ start against LA a “showcase” start, you have to know he’s chomping at the bit. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he went 2-4 or 3-5 quite frankly, let’s hope his defense is up to par.

  • let’s hope his defense is up to par.

    Who really cares if it is even average if he can even come close to the offensive production he had at AAA he will give more than he gives up and besides isn’t he on the same team as quite possibly the worst LF in MLB history?

  • isn’t he on the same team as quite possibly the worst LF in MLB history?


    Soriano has ranked as one of the better defensive LF in baseball each year he has played there.

  • I’m with you Mark…

  • isn’t he on the same team as quite possibly the worst LF in MLB history?

    By the way… Soriano’s defensive rankings:

    Among qualified MLB LFers:
    2008: (Soriano wasn’t qualified), 2nd in assists, 40th in defensive win shares (among all MLB OFers), even though he played less games
    2007: 4th in RF, 6th in RZR, 1st in Assists, 10th in defensive win shares (among all MLB OFers)
    2006: 1st in RF, 6th in RZR, 1st in Assists, 28th in defensive win shares (among all MLB OFers)

    Can someone explain how that makes him “quite possibly the worst LF in MLB history?”

  • MJ

    Stats keep getting in the way.

  • cap’n obvious

    The stats would certainly show otherwise, and he is far from the worst LF in MLB history, but many perceive Alf to be lazy out there. He actually throws better than most give him credit for…which is the reason he has done so well with assists. Teams tried to run on him a lot the past 3 years, and he made the plays. He also put himself on the DL with the stupid hop last year. Just sayin.

  • but many perceive Alf to be lazy out there.

    Yea… I think that is true at times, but overall his defense appears to be greatly underrated.

    There are very few, if any, left fielders in MLB that I would take defensively over Soriano.

  • Dodger Blue

    I run into so many “Cubs Fans” and ask them what was so great about Harry Caray? They usually say how he sang the 7 inning stretch or how he announced for so many years?? or how he used to get loaded and forget players names…
    This guy is on your uniform?

    Vin Scully 60 years and counting

  • Dodger Blue

    Time for the real Blue Crew to stomp the yard again remember September?
    Were’s “Meltdown” Bradley I see his average is a little south of Mason Dixon lately.
    Get your little wrist bands and the billy goat and bartman won’t save you. There’s no curse you just suck.

    Think Blue

  • Dodger Blue

    I like to watch the Loney blast in the playoffs..
    He sucked the air out of the windy city. Total silence..

  • Seymour Butts

    Nasty is good. Nothing wrong with a little spunk between consenting adults. Alf is not the worst LF around as Dave backs up with stats, but his hop did seem to get him hurt last year.
    The Gatorade machine had only cosmetic damage. I’m guessing they are built for abuse.

  • MJ

    I love fans from other teams that have nothing better to do than troll other blogs.

    At least Cubs fans show up before the third inning.

  • Dodger Blue

    When we swept you last year there were lots of Cubs “fans” heading out EARLY!

  • Seymour Butts

    I can’t decide what to bring to Wrigely tonite to toss in the Dodgers dugout. Birth control pills, syringes, how about a dew rag with bug infested dread locks?
    Any other suggestions?

  • Dodger Blue

    Seymour typical poser Cubs slackey you can’t even spell the name of the stadium.


    W R I G L E Y

  • Dodger Blue

    How does beating up a Gatorade Machine and getting tossed / suspended showing some spunk?

  • Dodger Blue

    Your “Cost per Win” is going up quite a bit lately..

    Think Blue

  • Seymour Butts

    No my dimwitted latte drinking friend. Wrigley is where the Cubs play.

    Wrigely is how a varmint acts when in an uncomfortable situation, such as when a teams best player is found to be a cheater calling all of the teams past actions into question.

    But thanks for taking the bate (go ahead pounce on that one).

  • Dodger Blue… if you are going to talk trash, at least be good at it. Your tired cliches show the intelligence of a toddler and the creativity of a state bureaucrat.

  • cap’n obvious

    to be running it about Vin Scully of all things? I live in LA, and though he once was a hall of fame broadcaster, Scully is now a senile windbag whose stories that were boring the first time get told over and over. I prefer the sound of a dentist’s drill to the sound of him blathering his way through a Dodger game with boring factoid after boring factoid. Only Dick Clark is more of an embarrassment to himself by hanging on to the mic far longer than he should.

  • Who needs spell check? And grammar check?

    Seymour you mean “Wriggly” you [sic] need spellcheck [sic] genius.

    Dave nice try.[sic]

    Cap’n talk about embarassing [sic], Caray incoherant [sic] after the 5th, remember forgetting players names [sic]? There for 10 years or so? [sic] Legend?

    Scully is class 60 [sic] years + hasn’t missed a beat.

    The Caray guy on the uniforms was a drunk turncoat who was probably buried in a Sox or Cards. jersey since they are winners. [sic]

    As always being a Dodger fan I can say we will back it up tonight on the field. [sic]

    later fat people [sic]

    It looks like you have multiple grammar and spelling errors. Actually, it looks like you have at least one in each “sentence,” if you can even call them sentences.

    So, once again, you may want to take elementary school grammar and spelling classes before you come over here and try to act smart.

    And really, the best you have is attacking a dead guy? Stay classy.

  • Doc Raker

    Darren Dreifort, Kevin Brown, Nomar Garciaparra, Juan Pierre, Jason Schmidt, Andruw Jones, Manny Ramirez. If Thinking Blue means flushing money down the toilet like these contracts I have a beautiful commode Mr. McCourt might be intersted in.

  • You would know looking at the stiffs the Cubs overpay for.

    Alright… lets compare bad contracts in recent years. This should be a lot of fun.

    How about building internally through the minors versus trying to be the Yankees of the Midwest.

    I hope that you are not trying to pretend that the Dodgers have a small payroll.

    101 years and no champs only chumps and to get swept out of the first round?

    Of course, it helps when your best player is cheating. But hey – who’s counting, right?

    I think we have money to waste for that kind of production?

    By the way… the Cubs have been in the playoffs the same amount of times in the last six years than the Dodgers. And have won just as many World Series in that time. But hey… don’t let facts get in the way.

    Here is the thing. Good trash talking can be worth engaging in. But your comments are illogical and ill informed.

  • Dodgers Rule

    Cheating? Manny gets caught and does his time and is ready to play again by playoff time. We didn’t need Manny to sweep you last year.

    How about “Sammy Beis-a-ball been beddy beddy good to me” and disappears off the map? I didn’t hear any objections when he was Sammy Slugger?

    Don’t you have a statue to the great Sosa somewhere in Wrigleyville?

  • Dodgers Rule

    Fyi the Cubs have not won a World Series in 101 years. Justify that fact anyway you like. How about Pennants and WS appearances? We had the Yankeees in almost every series. What is your record in the WS vs. the Yanks?

    Who has the highest attendance in the history of baseball?
    Top 1 or 2 every year?

    There was no baseball west of St. Louis before the Dodgers moved to L.A. If the Cubs moved to L.A. they would be the Padres.

  • Dodgers Rule

    Building through the draft stupid:


    not to mention our rookies of the year:

    Todd Hollandsworth 1996

    Hideo Nomo 1995

    Raul Mondesi 1994

    Mike Piazza 1993

    Eric Karros 1992

    Steve Sax 1982

    Fernando Valenzuela 1981

    Steve Howe 1980

    Rick Sutcliffe 1979

    Ted Sizemore 1969

    Jim Lefebvre 1965

    Frank Howard 1960

    Jim Gilliam 1953

    Joe Black 1952

    Don Newcombe 1949

    Jackie Robinson

  • Doc Raker

    I have been to Dodger Satdium recently, trust me when I say Dodger Fan knows about ‘doing time’, it’s just part of life to most of them.

    Wrigley has statues of Harry Carray and Ernie Banks, no Sosa.

    Better than a statue of a fat bald headed banger getting dragged away in hand cuffs which is what should be put up at Dodger Town.

  • Dodgers Rule

    Yes but you leached off Sosa for 12 years or so.

    Statue of a drunk, intelligible, sloth is no kind of monument.

    However I hold Ernie Banks is high regard. “Let’s lose two”

    Now the banger thing could be construed as racism. You think bangers can afford our seats? I was in your flatland recently no difference. Kind of like if I blamed you for the southside.

    I would argue that other that the fact that Wrigley Field is viewed as quaint. Dodger Stadium puts the place to shame considering our overwhelming success here and our storied franchise not to mention the people that have played here..

  • Doc Raker

    I have been in the yellow’s and had to deal with obnoxious malicious unfriendly violent Dodger fan who belonged locked up, race has nothing to do with it. I won’t go back because I don’t want to sit through a ballgame while having things thrown at me all game long while the flunky usher picks his nose and pays no attention. I have never seen opposing fans treated as such in Wrigley. No Cardinal fan has ever been shot out side of Wrigley Field. How many opposing fans have been shot dead at Dodger Satdium? Two? Or was it just the one Giant fan?

    It is obvious you are the new breed of classless Dodger fan, the Dodger’s of the past you speak of are ashamed of you. Go back to hole and leave the baseball to baseball fans. Don’t you have a Laker game to watch, or are the Sparks your team.

  • Dodgers Rule

    Please… I’ve seen pleanty of classless Cub blow hards throwing a thing or two at many visiting teams & fans. Can you say brawl in the stands?

    At least you know that we don’t want you coming to our stadium that’s why you get intimidated. The Cub fans I see at games are usually sitting in the nosebleeds anyway no wonder they think the place sucks. Of course our games are a logistical nightmare since our stadium is a real ballpark so a few bad apples are no reflection. Howerer that AAA park you play in is old with elderly fat fans.

    Don’t even get me started on the pewtrid rest of your pro-teams in town.

    Yes this time of year we are almost always playing championship basketball.

    You have Northwestern, ND , Bears, Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks all icky..

  • travis

    As a Dodger fan, I came here to see what Cubs fans were saying about the upcoming series. I think this series is going to be fantastic one – a great fight between a well balanced dodger team and a cubs team looking to bteak out (and should, soon).

    That said, Im pretty saddened by the other Dodger fans ridiculousness so far in this comments section. On behalf of Dodger fans that look forward to competition, intelligent trash talk, and well played baseball, I apologize.

    I wish your team the best of luck after this series, go Dodgers.

  • Mastrick

    And we were just discussing class…only a real lamer goes and hangs out on another team’s discussion boards to talk trash. If I were to go to another team’s blog I would try to show a little respect as opposed to acting like a punk. Nobody has time for that kind of childishness.

  • Doc Raker

    Good job Travis. The Dodger’s are on a good start, I am truly curious to see if it is such a strong Dodger team or if the NL West is making their record better than usual.

    We are hoping to see good things from our AAA call ups Jake Fox and Blanco. We have high hopes for Fox and we need some production with the injuries and slumps we have been dealing with. The call up Wells who is pitching tonight has been pitching well with but has had no support.

    Good luck.

  • Mark Strickler

    I tip my cap to travis, apparently he grew up at a time when they taught you sportsmanship first. Nothing like a good spirited competition, you don’t have to belittle your opponent to get a good win. In fact if you do disrespect your opponent it diminishes the win. Travis understands that, somebody else obviously doesn’t.

  • Kris

    Um, if we stop feeding the troll, he might go away. But if that’s what brings the VFTB gang together–then carry on. 🙂

  • Dodgers Rule

    Post Game: Please.. you guys really suck.

    I think if we played in this division we would be even further ahead.

    I need to go over to the Marlins Board I mean even the Marlins can smack you.

    I see your little AAA choke artist struck out. (Another clutch Cubbie in the making)

    All this without Manny..

    One game closer to another Championship.

  • cap’n obvious

    As someone who is a professional baseball fan mired in a place (LA) where very few appreciate it, I feel I can speak on the Dodger Stadium experience with some authority. The parents at the affluent High School where I have coached for 9 years have bestowed upon me only the best seats in that dump over the last decade. I would not pay 11 cents for a ticket there. I have found during that time that there are basically 2 types of Dodger fans.

    1. The typical LA poser, who can’t pay his $1500 monthly rent, but will pay $300 for a ticket to a ballgame, and buy $200 worth of watered down 3.2% California ballpark beer before acting like a tough guy gang-banger in the late innings. This guy is also wearing $900 worth of designer clothes purchased on a mastercard that was charged off. He will ultimately move back home with his parents in Kansas City, spending the rest of his days telling his friend about the 3 years he was an “actor” in the biz in LA. He goes to the games with his LA posse, 2 other wannabe actors from Dallas and Spokane.

    2. The full-time banger who gets freebee seats from the owner of the car wash he works part time at, and spends the child support dough he owes to at least one of his baby mamas on $200 worth of watered down 3.2% beer whilst acting like a thug and a fool for the entire game, living vicariously through the thugs and fools that play for the Dodgers.

    I’m sorry, there IS a 3rd type of fan at Dodger Stadium. The fan of the visiting team, who will invariably endure being pegged with peanut shells and f-bombs, and will have to worry about being shot (a sad but true fact) in the scariest parking lot in pro sports after any Dodger loss.

    Both of these guys are also at EVERY Laker game. I am hoping that the Lakers do not win the NBA championship this year, not because I hate the Lakers, but because I hate the riot that will invariably ensue. Lets go Nuggets.

  • cap’n obvious

    Dodger Blue,

    Please get some rest, I am driving to Vegas tomorrow, and will be getting the executive wash on my car right as the wash opens at 9AM before my trip. I need you to be at your best. When I get to Vegas, I will bet the over on the number of Dodger Stadium parking lot shootings for the remainder of the season. Good Hunting.

  • Dodgers Rule

    That’s the reality your parents told you or you saw it on 90210.

    There are many life long die hards that you don’t see on WGN who have degrees, zero debt, excellent careers, own their own homes, have been born and raised in So Cal and laugh at you for living in a place with 9 months of winter w/ fat unhealthy people.

    A poser with a credit card and fashion jeans will not be around long.
    How about 50 years of season tickets. Someone is paying the bill.

    Try getting out of your own division in Basketball or Baseball before you try to stereotype anyone from Cali.

    Every day I see someone with Illnois plates clogging up our freeways and snarling traffic in search of the Holy Grail (well it isn’t in Lake Michigan).

    All of the Chicago transplants I know are greasy, unhealthy and bitter and usually seen in our giftshop buying Sosa jerseys at a huge discount. Then they mosey out to the $5 section and complain because their 40k jobs can’t pay for better seats.

    You can’t get PBR here why? (it sucks)
    It’s cheaper than Budweiser for a reason.

  • Dodgers Rule

    oh I forgot

    Think Blue

  • Dodgers Rule

    Cap’n here you go

    Robert Ulmer—a Cubs fan who lived on the Southwest Side—was killed early Sunday outside the Apartment Lounge, 3806 W. 47th St., according to police reports.

    A relative of Ulmer’s got into a fight inside the bar with two Cubs fans who had attended the team’s 5-4 division clincher against the St. Louis Cardinals, a source said.

    Ulmer—also a Cubs fan, according to what his family told police—was at the bar but not at the game.

    Exact details of what happened inside the tavern were not clear. But the fight eventually spilled onto the street, where Ulmer was beaten by two men who used their fists and feet. Police were investigating whether Ulmer was kicked in the head.

  • Dodgers Rule

    Promotional give-aways a testament to the Cubs’ reputation as baseball’s biggest pantywaists.

    Hat Stealers just more proof that the “friendly confines” pretense is just as farcical as the team that plays there.

    Cubs fans throw trash on the field a time-honored tradition at the friendly confines, which the media fails to make a point of.

    Eric Dybas: Umpire-attacking Cubs fan! A drunk runs on the field at a Royals-White Sox game, guess which team he vows his allegiance to!

    Cubs scalp their own fans the Tribune Co. finds another way to fuck with their fans.

    Macho Men! hilarious.

    Harry Caray can’t say pitcher Hideki Irabu’s name pronunciation at it’s best.

    “Out” at the Ballgame Cubs gay pride day.

    88 Chevy Caprice “World Series Edition” a perfectly good car is ruined.

    Chip and Steve Quotables! coming soon!

  • Dodgers Rule

    Truth: Wrigley Field is full of tourists and people who come to be seen, get a tan, stare at chicks and ivy, and above all: get drunk. Sure there’s real fans mixed in there, but if you only counted them, the Cubs’ attendance would be about as good as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

    Wrigley Field is built up to be this picturesque timeless shrine to everything good about baseball. What it really is: a urine-scented tourist trap full of drunk frat boys, yuppies on cell phones, and other types of idiots all gathered together to be oblivious of the team losing on the field.

  • Dodgers Rule

    The Cubs have been around for a long, long time. The truth is, most of the time they’ve had one horrible nightmare season after another. The few seasons they some how got their shit together and played well, they’ve always managed to choke the season away in an amazing fashion. It was hard to narrow it down to just a few, but here’s a nostalgic look back at some of the Cubs most horrific seasons. Enjoy!

    1906 With a solid pitching staff and the fabled double play trio Tinkers to Evers to Chance, this team had the best regular season winning percentage ever. The only problem was they lost the world series to the one team they would least like to lose the world series to… the CHICAGO WHITE SOX! full story…

    1962 Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Lou Brock… 59-103!!! full story…

    1969 The ultimate regular season choke! full story…

    1984 The Cubs need just one win to get to the series, the Padres need 3 more wins. Of course they blow it (with help from Steve Garvey)! full story…

    1998 What a “magical season”! Harry kicks the bucket, Chip takes over, Sammy’s ‘roids take full effect, the Braves mop the floor with ’em. full story…

    2003 Could it be the greatest choke ever? A team that won a measly 88 games in the regular season somehow finds themselves 5 outs away from the world series. A geek with a walkman, a huge error, and shit relief pitching completely smashes all hope and the Marlins win it! full story…

    2008 Best record in Baseball sewpt in 3 games to Los Angeles.

  • cap’n obvious


    I live in LA…well, at the beach anyway. I own my home, and business. Unlike LAPD officers, I do not sell gang-bang apparel. What happens in a dive bar and what happens in the stadium parking lot are certainly very different events. 3806 W. 47th is a LONG way from Wrigley Field. I am not talking about opposing fans being sshot near your home in Riverside, I am talking the stadium parking lot.

    The posers in designer jeans are not around long, but the Hollywood lure makes certain there will be another hundred thousand waiters out here next year, watching their Swingers DVD and going to Dodger Stadium, and acting like…well, you.

    50 years of season tickets? Nice of your grandparents to leave them to you. What happens when the trust fund runs out? You can’t refi your house to pose at Dodger Stadium any more…what will you do???

    Go to bed. My car beckons at 9AM. If you oversleep again, you’ll have to go back to the Verizon Kiosk at Sherman Oaks Galleria.

  • Dodgers Rule

    Wrigley Field
    Home of
    Chigago Cubs

    “Congratulations Dodgers”

  • cap’n obvious

    BTW, I have lived in LA for 12 years, and in Chicago for the 26 years prior to that…it is a fact that there are as many fat, unhealthy people in LA as there are anywhere. I suspect you might actually live in Fresno and only know LA from watching “Baywatch” reruns. That would be unfortunate, because I was really looking forward to giving you $5 for extra wheel shine on my car tomorrow.

  • Dodgers Rule

    I don’t live in River-slide I have a real house and no handouts.

    So you promise not to go to any more Dodger Games too dangerous.

    Just take off the Cubs Crap you’ll be good until the cheap beer goes to your head.

    Car beckons / Vegas?? Sounds like you are a “caddy” of some sort. That was probably you with the Illinois plates and the Panel Wagon I was referring to.

    I’m pretty sure you don’t live near the beach. I don’t know anyone from Chicago living even remotely close to the ocean. What’s the point with the 5 packs a day thingy..

  • Dodgers Rule

    Fat in L.A. again I think you are looking out your window in the high desert.

    Do me a favor look on the TV next game and see the double chis in the crowd in CHI..

  • the seats were way too small for a lot of big heavy asses.

    Then lose some weight.

    From afar the women looked like men. And not much better up close.

    You must have been at a different Wrigley Field.

    I would say the average Cub Fan was heavy / old / racist (etc.)

    Huh? Is this the “Dodgers Rule” trash talking template or something? When you don’t have a clue what you are talking about, just throw out every insult that you can think of, and then add the “etc.” tag to make sure you cover a few mow, and hope that one of them sticks?

    Go along… I am sure that recess is over soon, and your day care provider must be looking for you.

  • Geo

    That dodger guy is the most upset, bitter, pessimistic and whiny person that I have ever read any comments from on this site. Cali is great! The worst credit rating in the country! What an unfortunate mess that state has become and I can see why if you are an example of the citizens residing there. They can’t do anything right. You Mr. Dodger have made my day.

  • “Dodgers Rule” — where are you? You went strangely quiet…