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6 In a Row!

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I spontaneously decided to do a write up tonight, because nobody else signed up for it and I was bummed nobody did one this morning.

So apparently it was a hot one in Atlanta today, since Chip and the other guy spent half the game moaning about it.  It’s HOT-lanta guys.  You never noticed that before?

Anyhoo, Mike Montgomery decided to emulate Oakland Barry Zito today, rather than the San Francisco version he has been mimicking so far this season.  M2 gave up just one run on a solo home run by Ender Inciarte, and surrendered just one other hit and one walk in six innings pitched.  And don’t look now, but that makes five solid starts in a row by Cub pitchers.

In the first inning, Kris Bryant made the third out by getting caught trying to steal third base and suffered the further indignity of catching his pinky finger on his left hand on Johan Camargo’s cleat during his head first slide and spraining it.  Let’s hope it really is just a sprain and K.B. is alright.  That would blow if this turned into a nagging injury, especially having happened on such a dumb play.

In the second inning, Addison Russell roped a double to left, plating Kyle Schwarber to give the Cubs a lead they would never relinquish.

Apparently not satisfied with a one run lead, in the fifth inning, M2 put his second career hit WAY over the right field wall to double the lead.   

In the top of the sixth, Tommy LaStella, in for the injured Bryant, made the most of the impromptu playing time by launching one over the right field wall to pad the lead to 3.  TomLaS would go 2 for 3 with a walk on the day.

In the bottom of the inning, Inciarte’s homer made it 3-1, but the Cubs got that one back in the top of the seventh when Javier Baez and Russell hit back to back ground rule doubles to make it 4-1.

Justin Grimm threw a [hiccup], 1-2-3 inning in the seventh.  That hiccup cut the Cubs lead to 4-2.

But in the top of the eighth Javier Baez showed Kyle Schwarber—who had struck out on a mighty WHIFF earlier in the day—how it’s done, swinging out of his shoes on a 3-2 pitch with two out and blasting a three run bomb to centerfield to effectively put the game away.

After Koji Uehara loaded the bases in the bottom of the eighth, Pedro Stop got his back with a huge double play to post a zero in the 8 box.  And after Ian Happ drove in on one more run in the top of the ninth, Hector Rondon showed that he doesn’t want to be the one sent to Iowa to make room for Kyle Hendricks as he struck out the side in the bottom half of the inning to put the sprinkles on top of the cupcake.

Notes: Victor Caratini got the start behind the dish.  He was no Miguel Montero back there, and that’s a good thing.  Also, the new Atlanta park looks pretty cool.  It’s no Camden Yards, but it seemed better than Ted Field.

The Cubs have the day off tomorrow before they start a weekend series against the dirty birds back at Wrigley.  Let’s hope Jake Arrieta can keep the train rolling!

  • Brad Lyerla

    Thanks Adam for jumping in. Cubs are playing well now and it looks genuine.

    The next three series will be interesting. Cards, Sox and Brewers. I think I will catch the Tuesday Sox game with Donna. By next weekend, we will have a much better idea of where our team’s head is at.

    • Bryzzo1744

      The next 16 games are going to be crucial. Prime opportunity to do some major damage. The only road games are wherever the trash play, and Wrigley Field North.

  • SouthCarolinaCubFan1991

    Dodged a bullet with the KB slide into 3rd. After seeing the replay? We’re lucky it wasn’t a similar injury like Trout had earlier this year (I believe it was his thumb though). Looked nasty.

    • I truly hate the head first slide. Seems to be asking for trouble.

      • cap’n realist

        The science proves it’s faster and more effective tp gp headfirst. In college, we were required to go headfirst unless breaking up a double play. As a team, we were 1st or 2nd in the nation in stolen bases, yet we never came close to cracking the top 20 in ranking. I still have the scar tissue on the inside of my elbow joints and the tops of my knees. Scars from 3 plus years of non stop scrapes. They’ll always have to dive back to 1B on pickoff attempts, but otherwise the major league game could live without it.

      • Eddie Von White

        Pete Rose slid on his chest.

      • Seymour Butts

        So did Eddie Gaedel. Google it Doug.

      • Sherm

        Eddie Gaedel sat on Pete Rose’s chest. I think. Maybe not. Maybe that was Briar Rose.

      • Jerry in Wisconsin

        Pete would do anything to win a bet!

      • Doug S.
      • Seymour Butts

        Don’t recognize the pic, but love the gestalt.

      • You forgot the Von.

  • Jerry in Wisconsin

    Someone needs to show Justin Grimm a Marx Brother film those hiccups will be less costly.

    • Sherm

      “You want ice water? I’ll send up some onions. They’ll make your eyes water”

      Grimm, when used sparingly, is less effective. He’s a guy that needs innings. He’s so strong that his pitches flatten out when he hasn’t been used, which is a lot of relievers “catch-22” especially when the starters are dealing. He’s a guy that really needs to throw in games a few times each week to stay sharp.

      Plus, all the dancing. All those home runs are making the bullpen dance too much. They are obviously fatigued from the kickworm and the robot and whatever else they are doing out there. That NEVER would have happened in the old bullpen…althought it would have been a lot funnier

  • Jerry in Wisconsin

    Thanks for the write up. It is nice to have something new to comment on, CAPS GPA was getting old really fast.

    • Sherm

      Right? Unfortunately, it wasn’t getting any better.

      All of my interviews have always gone like this:

      Interviewer: What’s your GPA?
      Me: 4.0
      Interviewer: You are hired.
      Me: for what?
      Interviewer: whatever you want.

      • And see this is why you’re a successful global businessman (with the finances to show for it) instead of servicing insurance accounts for people you think are idiots.

  • Bryzzo1744
  • Doug S.

    Great stretch by the guys to get back to the .500 mark on the road.

    Bit the bullet and listened to Chip for a bit yesterday. Not as bad as I’d remembered him, no annoy buttons pushed.

  • Doc Raker

    CUBS WIN 6 IN A ROW. One and a half games behind the Brewers in the putrid NL Central.

    The Cubs offense did it again today scoring 8 runs on 13 hits. Four of those hits belonged to Addison Russell including 2 doubles, two belonged to tRed hot Javy Baez including a double and a home run, two belonged to Tommy LaStella including a home run, MMM hit a jack with JJ, Bryant, Happ and Heyward each notching 1 knock a piece. Rizzo had zilch in 5 tries. The red hot Contreras who is hitting .408 since the break got the day off being a catcher with such a quick turn around. Schwarbs who was 0-2 did have 2 walks who was then driven in twice by Javy Baez. The three best hitters for the Cubs since the break have been Contreras .408, Baez .500 and Russell .408. Rizzo is hitting .192 since the return from the break and Schwarbs is still scrapping along at .143. Everyone but Zo .211, JJ, Rizzo and Schwarbs have been contributing with the sticks. It is rare when a teams entire line up gets hot and this is pretty close to the entire line up. If and when Rizzo gets hot this can be a devastating line up, don’t hold you breath for Zo to get hot and for Schwarbs damn it- make contact. I love Schwarbs approach of going middle away and expected his BA to increase with that new approach but so far it hasn’t.

    It was interesting to see the Braves new park, they went short porch in right field. I always held a theory on the Yankee advantage of having a short porch in right field. As a club the Yankees always had left handed power or switch hitters to take advantage of the short porch. Ruth, Mantle, Maris and Giambi are just a few off the top of my head. It wasn’t until Boston had lefty power and switch hitting power that they finally beat the Yankees. Will the Braves do the same?

    I was forced to listen to Len and JD since there was no other feed. Len is brutally disconnected to the game. After Bryant left the game and LaStella went 2 for 3 with a bomb, JD says, “I wonder how many Wally Pip references Bryant is getting in the dugout.” In which Len responded………………..nothing so JD then said, “You can google it if you don’t know who Wally Pip is.” Really, Len can’t even explain who Wally Pip is to the young viewers who might not know their baseball history. Len can’t have an interesting conversation about Lou Gehrig and Wally Pip. These kind of conversations seem beneath Len and JD. Don’t make us explain it to anyone, just google it. Then after Grimm gave up a lead off home run JD started with the ‘let’s calm Cub Nation down marketing’. “Every pitcher has given up home runs this year, lot’s of home runs this year” so let’s not pay any attention to our Cub bullpen guy who has been struggling of late who just gave up a home run. Nothing to see here Cub nation, let’s move along. These guys are putrid. A real baseball broadcaster would of explained why the pitch wasn’t a good pitch but JD immediately goes into Cub protection mode. Let’s not criticize a Cub, ever. #FireThemBoth

    • Doug S.

      Didn’t know who Wally Pip was so looked it up. If JD is going to say something like that then he needs to work in a way to explain it. Saying “google it” is lame and lazy.

      • Seymour Butts

        Uh, Doug… that should not have required explanation for anyone with a GPA greater than 2.5.

      • Sherm

        Wally Pipp was hitting .230 with 3 homers through 62 games. Gehrig finished the season hitting .290 with 10 homers, so it’s not like they replaced a superstar. The legend, as usual, is greater than the situation. Gehrig continued to get better, and kept playing because THAT’S what you do in baseball, and in business. Play the hot hand.

        The Braves broadcast team, while not great, seems that way compared to “our” guys. They seemed to marvel at Rizzo choking up – thinking it is SO smart – and wondering why more guys don’t do it with two strikes. Good question. I wonder that, too.

        That last part leads me to this. Saw a Giancarlo Stanton interview last night after they lost to the Phillies. He was pissed about “losing a series to the worst team in the league” and when the next question was about his recent hot hand, and home runs, he said (I’m not quoting exactly) something like: “personal stats don’t matter if we lose. I don’t care what I did – it doesn’t matter.” Not enough of that in major sports these days. And I know you’ll hear that guys need the stats because they need the payday so that they can “take care of their families, etc.” but I think a) if you win and are part of a winner? That will take care of itself, and b) with what they make? You cannot tell me that the difference between a 3 year $18M contract and a 6 year $180M contract means you cannot take care of your family. Sure – everyone wants more. I get that. But ANYONE who can make several million dollars over a few years should be more than able to take care of their family. Forever.

        Saw a good interview with Nick Markakis the other night during the rain delay. He said “let’s go back to good old fashioned baseball.” He thinks that every baseball player EVER knows the risk of their position and are willing to take it. Breaking up double plays, running over the catcher if he’s blocking the plate, and sliding however you WANT to? Part of the game. Always has been. No commission should change that. He said that imagine “game 7 of the WS. Runners on 2nd and third. Ninth inning. Tie game. You want to walk the batter. You think there is NOT pressure on the pitcher to execute four balls in that situation? Well, there isn’t if all you have to do is wiggle four fingers.” He’s right. Quit improving on baseball. Baseball is fine. Quit trying to whore out every nickel you can with obnoxious sign pollution everywhere, and more commercials than anyone has the patience to watch, and by having sponsors for EVERYTHING (really? This relief appearance is brought to you by…? NO IT ISN’T.)

        Sorry. Had no intention of turning this into a rant. Or using so many words.

      • Seymour Butts

        Three Million dollars would allow me to pay off all my mortgages and fully fund my retirement. Go fund me.

      • Bryzzo1744

        The problem is these players need swag. I agree with you the money they make should set them for life. But not when they buy lavish cars and mansions. I’d be happy with 100k a year. I’d never have to worry about money again.

      • They should be able to find a way to “take care of their family” on league minimum salary. That’s a f’ing fortune to a nation of 2.5 GPA’ers.

      • Adam Peters

        Amen, Lizzie!

  • Eddie Von White

    It looked to me like the fans behind home plate in Atlanta were sitting behind giant tombstones.

  • Dork

    How nice would it be to hang 3 losses around the Cardinals necks – now I’m just getting greedy.

    • Bryzzo1744

      I like it. Sweep the trash into the garbage where they belong, and a sweep of the Brewers too.

      • Dork

        I thought the whitesox were the trash?

      • Bryzzo1744

        No I meant sweep the shitbirds, trash, and brewers.

  • Kyle

    KB getting injured was such a fluke. If you watch the pitch, it should have went to the backstop, the catcher completely whiffed, but it bounced off the umpire’s knees, and bounced back perfectly into the spot the catcher first looks after he realized it was past him. Quick grab and throw. Such dumb luck for KB. There should have been no play at 3rd. Hope it’s just a minor tweak.