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Recap 7/15/17: Cubs 10, Orioles 3

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Ultimately, clutch hitting from the Cubs lineup drove them to a 10-3 win in Baltimore, returning the Champs to .500 two games into the second half of the season. Jason Heyward went 2-4 with a base-clearing triple in the fifth inning. Anthony Rizzo added a home run and continues to be on pace for over 100 RBIs on the season. Notably, nine of the ten Cubs’ runs came with two outs, while they also went 5-8 with RISP. After last night’s bullpen collapse, Jake Arrieta, who is quietly having a pretty modest season, threw 6 and 2/3 innings and allowed only 4 hits against his former team. Arrieta has gone 63-28 with a Cy Young award to his name since being traded from Baltimore, where he put up rather alarming numbers over his short time there. Overall, the Cubs offense put out another great performance, and tonight, the pitching managed to silence the Oriole bats. If Arrieta and Lester can stay consistent, Quintana delivers, and Hendricks returns from injury gracefully, the Cubs rotation could be very scary in a 5 or 7-game series. The Cubs have been linked with Oakland ace Sonny Gray, a return which would most likely consist of Kyle Schwarber going back to the Athletics. However, after the solid performance of Arrieta and the trade for Quintana, the front office hopefully won’t risk the depth and power of the lineup for Gray. With another Milwaukee win, the Cubs still remain 5.5 games back of the Brew Crew.


  • Doug S.

    If only we could have that former team performance against every team.
    Though with some guys who don’t perform, every team IS their former team.
    Looking forward to Quintana today. Tough spot, O’s do not want to be swept at home.

  • Doc Raker

    Since the all star break tCubs offense has looked very much like the 2016 offense. Most of the run production has come from the bottom of the line up like the Giants series. Bryant and Rizzo have been pretty cold except for Rizzo’s home run late in game 2 with the Cubs already winning 9-3. When the Cubs can cause damage anywhere in their line up is when they dominate.

    Orioles broadcasters, who are very good by the way, where in shock and awe of the Cubs bottom of the line up. “Another home run by the Cubs bottom half of the line up. We have now given up 2 home runs to the Cubs 9 hitters, 1 today and 1 yesterday” I loved when Contreras threw out Machado trying to steal third in the first inning with 1 out and men on 1st and second. Orioles broadcaster says, “What is he doing? 1 out 1st and second and he runs on his own. I would think if they called for it the trailer would of taken second base. Poor base running on Moachado’s part.” Arrieta walked the next batter which further pissed off the broadcast crew. “Arrieta has walked two and given up a single and we have 2 outs, only 2 on and no one in.” How refreshing to have a broadcaster that understands and cares when his team shots themselves in the foot. Meanwhile, Lena and JD where planning their funny outfits for the flight to Altanta.

    Maddon is a genius, he hit Schwarbs verse the righty in which Schwarbs hit a home run and he hit Almora against the lefty in which he produced a home run and neither of them lead off. Genius.

    Maddon’s genius also extends into playing a hot Contreras and Russell who have had great starts to the post All Star break.

    Maddon’s also a genius for moving Butler to the pen and using him instead of Davis Wader’s in the 9th. I hope Maddon is enough of a genius to move Lackey to the bullpen when Hendricks returns for a rotation of Lester, Arrieta, Quintana, Jimi and MMM. The genius in me says this would be best.

    The Cubs look to be having fun again and I can’t wait to see what Maddon wears on the flight to Atlanta.

    • Bryzzo1744

      My favorite play was the 4 by 90 foot relay. We need more of those. I agree that Lackey should go to the pen, but given that he is an old grump, I doubt he will accept it. I propose a piggyback system for the 5th starter. Lackey and MMM each throw 4 innings.

  • Karen Hirsh

    So nice to see some timely hitting. Very happy that Russell is starting to hit. He is too good to give up on. Need help in the bullpen. Last night’s lineup was great and Maddon should keep it. Almora and Happ just need a little more experience.

  • Doc Raker

    Contreras another double. Schwarbs another oppo double, I would not trade him- he is figuring it out and he is a monster. Gary Thorne is beside himself as the Cubs dominate at the plate again.

    Maddon is a genius.

  • CubbieBlue023

    I, too, enjoyed listening to the Orioles radio guys when I had to make a quick run to get food for the family. It’s like the organization hires these guys with them knowing that if they sense the fans are pissed they need to be pissed as well. And yes they are knowledgeable. They pointed out how Miley is a great pickoff pitcher. They mentioned “that when a kid is lefty and they know they will be a pitcher, they MUST learn a great pickoff move. There is no excuse not to have one”. It was nice to listen to great announcers.

    BTW…anyone else’s extra inning package not working today?

    • Doug S.

      I very much like the Orioles announcers – Business.

      I have MLBTV on Apple TV, working fine.

      • CubbieBlue023

        Must be a DirecTV thing.

      • Doug S.

        At a pub now.
        DirecTV works fine.

    • Eddie Von White

      Mine is also working fine on MLBtv on Apple TV.

    • Doc Raker

      My DTV MLB package is working fine. Listening to Gary Thorne and his sidekick giving us the truth of it all. Meanwhile Len and JD are rehashing the HairSpray soundtrack, Len just loved John Travolta in HairSpray.

      • Doug S.

        I thought Len was more of a Grease guy.

      • Doc Raker

        HairSpray was set in Baltimore so he was being geographically relevant…..musically relevant since he is never baseball relevant

      • cap’n realist

        Mike Bordick. Not as entertaining as Santangelo, but just as knowledgable.

      • Doc Raker

        Gary Thorne honesty is refreshing and spot on.

  • Doc Raker

    Rizzo is doing his best Aramis Ramiriez number gathering impression again by going yard in inning 9 with the Cubs up 6-0.