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The Pitching Implodes and Kyle Schwarber Returns

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Thursday morning I woke up, let my dog Rizzo out, and sat down at my desk in my home office to start working at about 6:30am CT.

I had a work phone call at 1pm CT and planned to spend my lunch hour on the treadmill in our bonus room watching the first hour of the Cubs game before getting back to work for the rest of the day with the game on the radio. I was looking forward to it because it’s been a while since I last wrote a post here.

It quickly became not very enjoyable.

I watched through the top of the fourth inning while I was on the treadmill, and then I stopped because I have better things with which to occupy my ears while finishing the work day.

I watched almost every Cubs game in April and May, but in June and July so far, I have only watched about one game a week. I’ve been a bit busy, but even so. Every time I sit down to watch, I just get frustrated. Maybe I’m the only one around here who feels this way, but I’m betting I’m not.

The three-and-a-half innings I watched yesterday gave me my fill for a good seven days or more. I look forward to the Home Run Derby. Perhaps they’ll have some of our guys on the mound.

Let’s recap, because we hate ourselves.

The Pitching Was Very Bad

Mike Montgomery started the game by walking Jonathan Villar, and it only got worse from there.

Montgomery ended up giving up two runs in the first inning and ended up being credited with seven of the nine runs scored by the end of the third.

Worst of all, Montgomery gave up a home run to Ryan Braun, which shouldn’t count because he’s the Lance Armstrong of baseball. Every time Braun hits a home run I throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Anyway, the other two runs were attributed to John Leathersich who was making his first appearance on a major league mound since recovering from Tommy John surgery. Because hey, it’s a Thursday afternoon in July, why not goof around a bit?

In the two-thirds of an inning he pitched in the top of the third, Leathersich walked four batters, walked in two runs, gave up a double and a sacrifice fly.

The Brewers had batted through the lineup two-and-a-half times and the Cubs were losing 9-0 before Javy Baez even had a chance to bat.

Kyle Schwarber Returned

I guess this is supposed to make things better?

Thursday was the first game back for Schwarber from his short recalibration at AAA Iowa, and he may be wishing he was back there this morning.

Here’s Jesse Rogers interviewing Schwarber about his return.

Here’s Rogers interviewing Kyle Hendricks about the return of Schwarber.

Here’s Rogers talking to Theo about the same thing.

And Maddon, too.

A question of my own for Schwarber, “Did you learn to pitch or hit eight-run home runs while in Iowa?”


May God have mercy on us, then.

What a Disappointment

This tweet about sums the game up, coming straight from the Cubs account.

The only real highlight of the day was when Jon Jay started pitching in the ninth inning and proved to be as efficient as any pitcher had been all game.

Last week, when I saw that Wade Davis was the only Cub voted onto the All-Star team, I thought, “Good.” No one on the team except for him has been playing like they have any business spending the upcoming week in Miami.

I hate to sound all doom-and-gloom in my first post back here in a while, but man, this is tough to watch.

I haven’t lost all hope or anything like that but, like I have said here before, I wish the team was a bit more fun. Just feels so blah.

Just call me Eeyore.

How are you all feeling?


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