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June 2017



Looking Toward the Future

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This afternoon, let’s take a quick look at the players picked on day one of the draft for the Cubs.

Round #1, Pick #27 – LHP Brendon Little (State College of Florida Manatee – Sarasota): A hard throwing left-hander (and I mean can throw reaaallllyyy hard). Of course he didn’t have much success at North Carolina as a freshman and transferred to a school I’ve never heard of before so I would think that he has some work to do, especially with control.

Round #1, Pick #30 – RHP Alex Lange (LSU): Lange is from a school I’ve heard of at least! He had great success as a freshman and less success the next two years and there is talk that his fastball is down a couple ticks from a couple years ago. Hopefully this is something mechanical rather than arm related. I expect the Cubs to give him just a few innings this year to make up for a high college workload.

Round #2, Pick #67 – RHP Cory Abbott (Loyola Marymount): I didn’t know much about him before the draft but from what I read he had great success in conference play this season by adding a slider to his repertoire. His ceiling may not be as high as Little’s but he could reach the majors quicker.

So three picks, three college pitchers. The hope is that one of them becomes a #3 in the rotation, one becomes a useful piece of the bullpen, and one becomes a key piece in a trade down the road.

The second round of the draft starts around noon today, watch for some more pitching and some up the middle of the diamond high schoolers.


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