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Don’t get all excited

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Sure, they swept the Cardinals. Sure, the starting pitching was decent, the defense was good, the bullpen was lights out and they showed off some timely hitting for a change…but don’t get all excited. Oh, what the hell, go ahead and enjoy it. It was a wonderful weekend at the expense of St. Louis. Celebrate. Party like it was 2016. But not for long, because a hot Miami team is on the way in and they need to keep it up. One series does not a turnaround make.

First of all – where the hell were THOSE Cubs when we were watching them in San Diego? Maybe that WAS the cast from Anchorman playing the pAAdres.

Next – I enjoyed listening to David Ross. Now, he’s not polished (yet) as an announcer, but he was interesting. I loved the line “the crew had an over/under on how often I’d use “we” and I think the number was four.” Dan says “Yeah…you sailed by that early on…” Boone and Ross together were very entertaining. Two ex-ballplayers able to relate to the game and talk stories that human ears enjoy hearing. Boone is great, anyway, in my opinion. No Jessica made the whole thing a LOT better.

Baseball happened. Positive signs of life from Cub camp.

John Lackey pitched well. Kyle Schwarber showed patience and power…and also had a clutch grand slam to ice game two. Ian Happ, who seems to have a little bit of trouble walking without falling down, also crushed a couple of bombs to lead the way in game 3 but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Anthony Rizzo awoke and had three big hits. And a dumbass base running gaffe, but hey, it’s the Cubs.  Ross tried to credit Rizzo with the attempt to get to third. Boone said “nope – BAD baseball play.” I agree with Boone in that situation. Anthony is forgiven, however, as he did eventually score the winning run.

Albert Almora – huge pinch hit

Jhon Jhay – huge pinch hit

Italian Breakfast Cookie (Piscotty) did feel so bad about his 3-run homer, that he gave back some runs with a delightful “Ole!” play in right field, and oh yeah, also tried to cripple his own second baseman.

The bullpen had a great weekend. What a difference having a lead is. Hint hint. Here’s my only question (other than scientifically? How does Carl Edwards the Junior throw the ball so hard? How does he not fall over just holding the ball? How did he catch that line drive?) I know the last one…he didn’t turn his back after throwing the ball. Good form, young CEtJ.

Biggest question I have. Why the hell didn’t Wade Davis pitch the ninth? Sure it worked out, but you are paying him to close. This is a division rival, and a HUGE game for the standings and emotionally, and you REST him because he’s “worked two days in a row?” “Because he threw 11 pitches on Friday and 23 on Saturday?” Seriously? He’s that tired? From that? He’s making what? About $8M a year? That’s $50,000 a game, whether he pitches or not. WTF? Cap’n made a great text point last night (and we should really publish our in-game text threads, because I have to admit…they’re brilliant) which was why didn’t Davis call the dugout and say “Oh, hell no, coach! I’m pitching…” Uehitmeharda got it done. I’m thrilled. But you pay Davis to be the GUY in that situation, so why not use him. A world class athlete and he needed a day off? After what? Two weeks of not having thrown a ball in a game before this weekend? Fire the trainer.

Defense was solid. Good to see. I don’t like to see Baez and Russell “rotating” at short. Especially with Javy starting to get hot at the plate. Zobrist hasn’t had a hit in a over a week, and Baez is the better 2b (by far) so screw the politics and play the guy who gives you a better chance at winning.

Schwarber down in the order. Hmm. Wonder why WE didn’t think of that.

Rondon and Montero – BAD combination. FYI – Yadi Molina steals on you? You should be fired. Still don’t like Montero. He’s slow behind the plate. Real slow.

I have no game preview for you. Let’s relish the sweep. And hope that Eddie the Butler can get back on track and keep Miami in the park.

As always, I don’t offer a minor league report. Adbert didn’t pitch, so there really is no news. Also, I don’t care what Tommy LaStella did or didn’t do.

Have a great Monday – enjoy the coffee. Today, I’m pressing my own Colombian beans (and no, CAPS, that’s not dirty.)



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