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The West Coast Swing

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It is my opinion, and I love the West Coast in general, but when the Cubs do their swing by the Left Coast, I immediately cringe.  It is, in my mind, the Bermuda triangle of baseball.  The only problem with the analogy? It is not a triangle, it is a straight line down the coast, with this years trip ending in one of the worst parks for offense in all of baseball.  For a young team relying on the homerun for most of their production, this sets them up for quite a trap, but we will come back to this…

The Novelty

Sure , there is a novelty to watching the Cubs play on the West Coast.  I don’t mind staying up to watch the first few innings of games in San Fran and L.A.  Those two parks provide enough scenery to keep the desire to watch at a minimum level before the general boredom sets in.  For one reason or the other once the Cubs hit La La Land they seem to slow down a beat or two.  Even with the day games in L.A. the past couple days, it still seems to move slow for me.  The novelty fully wears off by the time we hit “The Whale’s Vagina” AKA, San Diego.

The Trap

San Diego may very well be in my top 5 most disliked ballparks.  Offense is usually at a premium as is the long ball.  On top of that Anthony Rizzo seems to get some sort of mental hitting block upon arriving at Petco.  I know it is generally a tough park to hit in for lefties, but it has to be Rizzo’s kryptonite.  Just when he appears to be turning the corner with the bat and ready to fall back into his usual reliable self at the plate we get a dose of Petco.  Maybe he is still scarred from his days wearing the old poop and piss colors?

Even bad Padre teams, which is what they usually are, can make the Cubs seem inept in San Diego at times.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that it typically is the last stop on the long road trip or we just play down to the competition but no matter how bad the Padres are we seem to struggle with them.   Even when we win, it feels as though we struggle to do it.  It is very possible this is all in my mind and things are well and good, maybe I am the one struggling with the road trip more than the team? Jesus, is this possible?

The Relief

Ending the West Coast swing is relieving for me.  It almost feels like some strange break in the season is over and we can get back to playing baseball again.  It is like an All-Star break or a four game set in Miami, it just doesn’t feel like real baseball.  Actually, now that I think about it, Miami might even be worse!

The more I think about it, the more I feel like this might be a “me” problem and not a “Cubs” problem?

We all have places, cities, or ballparks that seem less fun to watch our Cubs play in, what are “away” games that give you the least amount of pleasure watching?


  • Brad Lyerla

    I don’t have a favorite away venue for the Cubs.

    I just heard the inevitable on the Score. Five minutes ago, John Hemond said that the Cubs will have to send Schwarber down soon. I have been wondering the same.

    • Guy Karafa

      Schwarbs looked good in batting practice , know it’s not the same , but maybe , just maybe…
      And Heyward put on a show in BP.

  • Dork

    Joe says – Freak out if you want to freak out. So the only reason I am not (totally) freaking out is the NL central division

  • Doug S.

    A promising start yesterday that just didn’t turn into what we hoped for.

    Been to a lot of MLB parks. From this fan’s perspective Petco is in the top 5.

    • Chet

      My point of view is coming more from watching on TV. Live viewing is a whole other experience obviously.

    • Guy Karafa

      I agree , loved the little park area by thr Tony Gwynn statue.

    • Sherm

      It’s a great place to watch a ballgame. There are no bad seats. Well, unless you are next to KAPS.

  • cap’n realist

    VFTB San Diego field trip…Day one, by the numbers:

    0-Caps shirt removals
    1-number of times Caps showed shirtless pics of himself on his phone
    4-number of times I had to re-swallow the bite I was eating when Caps showed me said picture
    3-Total beers consumed by the group
    0-Total RumChata’s consumed by the group
    43-Number of acres of Alfalfa growing on Seymour’s land in Washington.
    16-Over/Under on obscure Spanky, Buckwheat, Weezer, and Darla references made by Sherm today.
    20-row of the ticket and seat I was in
    19-row Caps sat in
    73-row of the seat Caps paid for
    7-number of times Caps screamed “SAAAAFE” or “HE’S OOUUT” before a play matriculated
    3-number of times he got it right
    17-number of times I prepared to scream “HE’S OOUTT” when an usher finally banned Caps to his paying seat
    9-number of innings Caps got away with it
    37-number of chewed sunflower seeds Seymour surreptitiously stacked on Caps’ lucky Cub hat
    1-number of times my daughter asked me “What grade is Caps in?”
    3-total number of Cub hits
    14-Stocky Windmill references
    87-Number of times Caps’ lucky Cub hat appears to have been run over by Seymour’s alfalfa combine
    0-percent chance of Caps getting lucky
    14-number of times I caught Seymour and Sherm ogling ballpark patrons that Caps has no use for
    41,414-total attendance
    127-Padre fans in attendance
    800-number of seats on the northbound Amtrak Pacific Surfliner
    1345-passengers on the northbound Amtrak Pacific Surfliner
    2-delays on the northbound Amtrak Pacific Surfliner
    2 hours and 13 minutes-total delays to the northbound Amtrak Pacific Surfliner
    1,147-northbound Amtrak Pacific Surfliner passengers who cleary ate curried broccoli and Taco Bell for lunch
    11:17-time I put my 8 year old daughter to bed on a school night
    13-number of whacks I got from Mrs. Realist’s titanium rolling pin for facilitating said bedtime.
    5:03-amount of sleep I got
    1-number of times Mrs. Realist said “only an idiot would go all the way back down there to hang out with dorks from the internet 2 days in a row”
    1-number of times I retorted “you married the idiot, and Dork didn’t even make the trip”
    2-percent chance I get lucky before Labor Day

    see yous in a few hours, boys!

    • Dork

      Wrigley west coast
      Glad I could help in some small way:)

    • Would’ve liked to see a Subway reference, but still A+ work.

      • Bryzzo1744

        There’s a 24-hour subway near the park which I alerted Seymour to

      • Cool. Did your parents realize how serious you were or whatever yet?

      • Sherm

        Shhh. They don’t know I’m here.

        Plus, they’re both dead. Let the inappropriate begin.

      • If you’re parents were alive I’d be like “I’m in San Diego, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I told you how serious I was that time!”

      • Seymour Butts

        Don’t end sentences with prepositions, or split infinitives. It offends the gods.

    • Eddie Von White

      Excellent. Who said sleep deprivation was a bad thing?

      • Sherm

        Who said 5 hours of sleep is deprivation?

      • That’s about par for me I bet.. solid 4 and then whatever else until the kids get up.

    • Seymour Butts

      14 was a serious underestimation.

      • Sherm

        It was 14 TOTAL, and 13 of those were Seymour. And I was really just admiring, not ogling. So shut up, Mr. my daughter is here and I have to be “good.” I’m watching YOU today.

    • Doug S.

      Did you guys play “Stump CAPS on the Day of the Week” game?

      • Seymour Butts

        No, the problem is nobody knows or cares the right answer, save the savant.

      • Sherm

        KAPS is a stump. I don’t know what that even means, but I’m sure it’s accurate.

        64 – number of times I had to “shush” him from talking about the FUCKING Simpsons during a baseball game.

    • Sherm

      0 – number of totally inappropriate things I said yesterday. (Because an 8 year old was in the group. AND you brought your daughter.)

      Over/Under on number of inappropriate things I’ll say today? I don’t know, but it should be a pretty fucking high number.

  • Dork

    The spreadsheet has me really bummed out this year / right now – The spreadsheet is projecting an 82-80 finish (based on run differential and banked record).

    • Sherm

      Lots of rest. This team will get lots of rest. Between seasons.

      • Dork

        Past performance is not a guarantee of future results – I hope

  • Doc Raker

    I dislike watching games in Philadelphia, maybe it is from the old cookie cutter astroturf days but for some reason Philadelphia bugs me. The east coast games start to early for us West Coasters.

    Last year we swept the Padres in Petco, this year we won’t. As far as attending a game in San Diego it is very much like Wrigleyville and the weather is usually perfect. San Diego is the most pleasant city in the country weather wise.

    • Seymour Butts

      I agree. It is a nice park in a nice area. Chet, you really need to look West.
      Going to walk down the bayside to a naval warship museum. Can’t do that in Buschville.

  • Mark_from_Toronto

    Can’t say I’m a fan of the west coast roadtrips either, although for me it is the game times that are the problem. Night games past 10pm (EST) don’t work, and even the afternoon games at 4pm (EST) just don’t feel right.

    • Doug S.

      Love my visits to the east except for the sports watching on TV part. 10 PM start, 11 PM in Atlantic Canada, 11:30 in Newfieland. Yikes!!

  • Sherm

    Seymour and I sat next to Jason Heyward at dinner last night. He’s taller than I realized. Or I’m shorter. Whatever. Looked like he was having a good time, and why not – he’s the only Cub hitting the ball hard. It’s almost surreal to type that…one year ago exactly the opposite was true.

    It was a crappy game. 2 in the first. Leadoff triple in the second – that’s a game you NEED to win against a bad team with a nobody pitching…but when they didn’t score in the second, Seymour grumbled something like “that’ll haunt them…without those runs this becomes a losable game.” Or maybe something less articulate like “oh fuck” but whatever it was…it came true. Meanwhile, KAPS was relating a story about the word flammable and an argument with a teacher in the past, because hey, it wasn’t like we were at a baseball game or anything.

    I’m going all out today for the win. Cubs shoes, socks, hat, underwear and shirt. If I had Cub pants I’d wear them…but I don’t. They’d better not lose. Problem is that Gingivitis Jones is pitching against them and they can’t seem to hit AA nobodies.

    I LOVED the fight between Harper and Strickland. Fire is good. The Cubs need a good fight, I think. Not Schwarber, though, because I doubt that he could hit anyone.

    My vote for Cub most likely to throw down? Contreras.

    • Yeah I think Contreras has it in him. I just don’t want him to fight with an umpire!

    • I call him Struckland because Harper punched him.

      It was the right move IMO as well. Contreras would do it for sure.

    • Buddy

      My wife and I sat next to Jason Priestely at dinner the other night. He is shorter than I realized, or I’m taller. He didn’t look like he was having a good time, and he doesn’t know Kellen Winslow. Or if he does I forgot. I was drinking.

      • Sherm


    • Bryzzo1744

      So Heyward likes Subway?

  • Sherm

    And, I thought your post was offensive both to whales and vaginas. Lucky for you, I find offensive entertaining, so good job. Also, that explains the humidity.

    • Meh. I have a vagina and I didn’t mind.

    • Wait, what?

      • Sherm

        It’s even funnier if you know that KAPS went out whale watching today

      • I have no use for whales.

      • That doesn’t sound free. Did you guys subsidize it?

      • cap’n realist

        No. but Raker is buying Caps a bratwurst.

      • no foot-longs.. in case you needed another Simpson’s reference

      • Bryzzo1744

        They make Flanders uncomfortable. And those were the last words Ned said to Maude before she croaked.