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Homer Party at Chavez Ravine!

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Scene: Dodger Stadium, Clayton Kershaw vs Jon Lester, in the pitching matchup of the weekend.  Runs are non-existent, and third base has been untouched all day.  The infield of each team wears down with each ground ball, while the outfielders spend time between pitches munching on sunflower seeds.  The crowd cheers at the appropriate moments, but are ultimately awaiting either the summoning of a pinch-hitter to bat, or a manager’s slow walk to the mound to replace a pitcher, at which point the game can begin–in other words, the 8th inning.  The game in the balance as the afternoon wears on, as the 10th, and 11th, and 12th innings beckon.  It would be a game for the ages.

That scenario lasted all of an inning today.  Instead, what we got were two starters knocked out before the fifth inning was done, while fans in the outfield actually had a reason to bring a glove today–all 13 of the runs scored between the two teams came on the strength of home runs. And, unfortunately, it didn’t end well for the Cubs, as the Dodgers completed weekend sweep and sent the Cubs limping into San Diego.

Clayton Kershaw: Human?

If you had told me that, during the game today, the Cubs would put up 4 runs on 11 hits (3 of which went out of the park) against Clayton Kershaw, and have him nearly to 100 pitches through 4 innings, I’d feel pretty good that the game would end up a win, or that you had visited a parallel universe where Kershaw and Brett Anderson had some Freaky Friday thing going on.  Indeed, Kershaw looked decidedly human today, but the damage the Cubs did against him–the aforementioned 4 runs, 11 hits, and 3 HR–was pretty much all they did against Dodger pitching; the four relievers that followed Kershaw gave up 1 walk.


Willson Contreras got the Cubs their first run, and lead, of the series with a 2nd inning solo home run.  That also ended a long run of scoreless pitching the Dodgers had at home.  Given who was pitching for the Dodgers, this was a good sign that things were going to go well.  Unfortunately, Contreras’ battery mate was giving up dingers at roughly the same rate, and without making sure the bases were empty.  Javy Baez and Anthony Rizzo also got into the act a bit later on, with Rizzo finally bringing home more than himself with his shot.

Down on the Farm

Not a whole lot of good here either, but here’s the scoreboard from around the minors in the Cubs’ org:

AAA – Iowa @ Memphis (L, 5-2)

AA – Tennessee v Biloxi (L, 2-1)

A-Adv – Myrtle Beach @ Carolina (L, 4-1)

A – South Bend v Fort Wayne (W, 3-1)

  • Doug S.

    No matter how much you drank, that was a pretty sobering series. Any hopes of a .500 road trip are pretty slim today. A Cubs sweep in SD is like chipping for par.

    • Dork

      They can sweep SD for caps and the boys

    • Doc Raker

      This team has multiple flaws on multiple fronts I am not taking for granted a series win let alone a sweep even against one of the worst teams in baseball. At times I find it hard to believe we aren’t the worst team in baseball.

      • I agree Doc. It’s not like I think they’re awful or that they’ll never do any better this season, of course they will at times, but this is not a playoff team. They can get into the playoffs, maybe, but if their approach doesn’t change they’ll never succeed. Makes no difference how often you sweep the Reds once you’re playing the best teams. On a happier note, any day at the ballpark is a good day so have fun guys!!!

      • Dork

        I probably jinx it – sorry guys it was my fault – there was a lot of bad luck in that one

      • Wasn’t you Dork! They are able to lose all on their own!

  • Dork

    Baseball is weird

    • Sherm

      KAPS is weird. Baseball is normal.

      Print and save. This team gets October off. Should be well rested for 2018. NOW I understand the Giants every other year run…

      • Bryzzo1744

        My shirt will be on the entire series

      • Doc Raker

        Your pants too please.

      • Doug S.

        Great idea. Save it for the batch cooking.

  • Sherm

    Field reporter Sherm here. Cubs score 2 in the first on a clutch Heyward single but squander a leadoff triple in the second.

    Against this pAAdre team? They’d better win. Padre scoreboard lists fun facts. For 6 of the Padre players? The fun fact is “not very good”

    • Doc Raker

      Let me know when the scoreboard flashes the message that says, “Will the gentlemen in Sec 216 Row 7 seat 4 please put your shirt back on.”

      • Sherm

        KAPS tattooed a Cubby “C” on his chest. Unfortunately, he spelled it wrong.

      • Bryzzo1744

        It was a Padres fan that was shirtless

  • Doc Raker

    2-32 with RISP recently. Hitting .200 with RISP, 3rd worst in the league.

    On the bright side Hendricks looks like the Jimi of 2016

    • Doug S.

      Sports bar I’m in has game on but bad rock music instead of game audio. In a way it’s like listening to Len.

  • Sherm

    KAPS saw “Homer party” and thought this was a Simpsons post.

    • Bryzzo1744

      D’oh! The Cubs suck. Hendricks has a perfect game going and then the wheels fall off.

  • cap’n realist

    The Padres have a player named Spangenberg. And Kenny Powers is theirl closer. HE’S OOOUUUTT

  • Adam Peters

    Fun Fact: I saw Hunter Renfroe play here in Charlottesville like 4 years ago during the Super Regional when he was with Mississippi State. He was a mouth-breathing goober then too.