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The Sunday News

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SInce most of you can’t afford to have the news delivered straight to your doorstep when you wake up on a Sunday morning, I will do you the favor of bringing it to you, free of charge. So, without further adieu, here are the headlines today.

Cubs Considering Arbitration For Clement

The Cubs are likely to offer salary arbitration to free-agent starter Matt Clement by the Dec. 7 deadline, according to a source close to the situation.

To me, this makes no sense, we’re not the first national bank of Wrigley and if we’re going to sign Rusch for 2 million, he better be our 5th starter. As much as a love Matt Clement, he is not going to make anything under 6 or 7 million through arbitration, and that is something we can’t afford for our # 5 guy. We have other holes on this team that need to be addressed, so why not spend the money there. Unless the Tribune company has been thinking about going George Steinbrenner this year, this is a bad idea.

Alou goes to bat for Sosa

“He made a mistake,” Alou said. “He was wrong. But a lot of people make mistakes. He knows he made a mistake, and he asked for forgiveness. I forgive him. He’s a great player, and he admitted he was wrong.”…Alou also downplayed the notion of a major fissure between Sosa and manager Dusty Baker…”They get along great,” Alou insisted. “When you’re together for six months, you’re going to have your arguments, but I don’t think there are any bad feelings or bad blood, whatever was said. Dusty’s a great guy, Sammy’s a great guy. Everything will be OK.”

Not really sure why the Boston Globe is following this story, but apparently when you win a world series in Boston, your writers run out of Red Sox related material to complain and whine about. I have to wonder if Alou makes these comments because Sosa is his buddy or because he really believes this is the case. I don’t believe it for one minute. Look at the evidence.

  • Players smash Sosa’s boombox in disgust
  • Cubs fine Sosa for leaving early
  • Sosa rips Cubs for fining him
  • Wood and Prior both bash Sosa
  • Sosa rips Dusty Baker in a Dominican Newspaper about batting order issues
  • Alou comes to Sosa’s defense

That seems like a lot of evidence toward the team not wanting Sosa back compared to on statement by Alou. If I was a jury, I think I would side with the former.

Prior Sticks Opens Mouth and Inserts Foot

“Several Cubs participated in the inaugural Kerry Wood Strike Zone Celebrity Bowling Tournament on Saturday at 10-Pin Bowling Lounge in Chicago. Asked about whether a Sosa trade would benefit both sides, Prior said, “Sure. … you know, I mean, yes … no … I don’t know.”

Mark, PLEASE SHUT UP!!!! Don’t make yourself look bad to the media anymore. Do we really need to remind you of the media fit that Jay Mariotti gave you last year about an autograph session?

Cubs Have Huge Bat…In the Front Office

Entering his third full season as a general manager, Hendry is building a reputation as an influential force in the industry, largely because of his ability to build a consensus among executives with other clubs. It was Hendry, and not Boston’s Theo Epstein, Minnesota’s Terry Ryan or Montreal’s Omar Minaya, who shoved some square pegs into round holes to complete the Nomar Garciaparra deal only seconds before the trade deadline in July. While a Sosa trade is complicated by Sosa’s contract-which guarantees a 2006 option if he is traded-and no-trade rights, not to mention his unexcused absence on the last day of the season, it is no more problematic than was the Garciaparra deal that Hendry made happen.

A lot of people are worried about this offseason. Not me, because we have our big bopper in the front office taking care of things. With Hendry, I have no worries.

Kasper the Friendly Broadcaster Hired

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to call Cubs baseball with Bob Brenly on WGN and Comcast,” said Kasper, who signed a multi-year deal that begins with the 2005 season. “This is the best play-by-play job in sports and I look forward to being a daily part of the lives of the best fans in baseball.”

It doesn’t matter to me who the Cubs got, because I will have the MLB Extra Innings package next year, which means I can always watch the visitor’s broadcast if the home team’s play by play is brutal.

Well, that’s it. Enjoy your Sunday and GO BEARS!!!!

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      oh my goodness, you have gotta be kidding me. "Please shut up, Mark…"