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Jason Heyward = MVP?

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Since no one took the bait two days ago, I’m going all in on Jason Heyward this afternoon.  MVP—MVP!!!

Now before you hit “delete” (metaphorically) consider this.  So far in 2017 Heyward leads the Cubs in RBIs, and trails only Addison Russell in Batting Average, WAR, and Defensive Runs Saved.  His defense is not quite, statistically, canceling out Kyle Schwarber’s lack of defensive mastery—yet.  But he’s well on his way.  And oh, did I mention that he’s hitting?

Now sure, you Debby Downers out there might point to how many roll-over ground outs to second base he is still hitting.  But I would point out that just two nights ago one of those resulted in an errant throw and the only run of the game in a 1-0 victory.  Not looking so bad now, is he?

Seriously though, there’s no denying that J-Hey has really straightened out his shit at the plate.  The other night the out of town announcers pointed out that he is wearing a thumb guard on his left hand, not to guard this thumb so much, but to keep him from twisting that hand around the bat too much when he does that weird regripping thing he does with his left hand when he strides—which he still does.  They showed it in slo-mo and it looked to me like his grip was ending up where it should be, so that’s pretty sweet.

I suppose one could still argue that he’s not worth the money that the Cubs are paying him.  But I would counter that, so far at least, his numbers are at or near his career highs, so he’s giving them all they could have reasonably expected to get from him based on what he’s done in the past.  They didn’t sign him to be protection for Kris Bryant.  They signed him to hit 6th or 7th and play Gold Glove defense—which he’s doing.

So maybe he won’t be the MVP this year.  But the Cubs have too many dudes vying for that title already, don’t they?

  • Buddy

    I love the enthusiasm, but no way in hell. Heyward won’t even be the Cubs most valuable outfielder this year, let alone the team MVP, let alone the league MVP.

  • Typical that you had to find out the thumb thing from the out of town announcers rather than our own.

    • Eddie Von White

      My thumb thing thinking exactly.

  • cap’n realist

    Another shining example of why so many skip the top part. Horrific. It’s. not. even. May. First. You. Knob.

    He’s playing well and all, but holy Len Kasper that’s some seriously foolish drivel.

  • Dork

    Heyward is doing great and I believe in him. I also believed in him last year and the bad went on all year. The good has to go on all year before it equals out.

    • Dork

      Plus… He only has a WRC+ of 111 which is essentially only 11% above league average. If you sort by WRC+ which is a measure of total offense he ranks number 83 of all qualified hitters 186 total hitters. I am with the Cap’n – ridiculous

      • cap’n realist

        I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the submitter was talking Cubs team MVP, and not league wide, but your stat makes a valid point nevertheless. I may have chastised too vehemently, but holy cats I have had a bad day, then this???? If you’ve watched the games, you’ll note that he’s squared some balls up nicely, of his 21 hits, fully half have been duck farts or ground balls with eyes. I mean, my man doesn’t have a single double in 81 plate appearances. Not one. How is that even possible?

  • Doug S.

    Off days really suck. I’ll settle for the Raptors game and watching whoever the Jets blunder the 6th pick in the draft on.

  • Doc Raker

    I am glad JHey has made vast improvements since 2016 but can we stop the hyperbole. MVP of what, game 13 of the season, MVP of the weekend series, MVP of the team dinner last night………surely you don’t think JHey is MVP of the league for 2017.

    I don’t deal in hyperbole, I am just waiting for Schwarbs to get on track for his 83 jacks.

  • Sherm

    I agree. And while we’re at it:

    Ben Zobrist will win the Heisman

    Miguel Montero will win the triple crown

    Brian Duensing wins his first Cy Young

    John Lackey wins the Lady Bing Trophy

    And…Aaron Peters wins a Pulitzer Prize for THIS post.

    • Doug S.

      And the Grammy goes to……..

    • Ben

      Kris Bryant will score a touchdown in soccer

  • Dork

    I thought more of Ryan pace until tonight – he better be right but I think he has gone for the long shot

  • Brad Lyerla

    I love it! A little tongue-in-cheek humor to get the guys riled up. Nice.

    On the Mike Bryant beat, Paul Sullivan describes Bryant as a Ted Williams disciple in the Trib this morning. And quotes the elder Bryant, “I am fed up with the wimps”. By that, he seems to mean that he is fed up with baseball people who teach hitting for average and reducing Ks.

    • Adam Peters

      Thank God for you Brad! I guess I didn’t account for how grumpy everyone would be on an off day.

      • Buddy

        Sorry! No grumpiness intended. Your articles are always appreciated. Keep up the good work!

      • Brad Lyerla

        The reaction was part of the fun too. It may have been partly tongue-in-cheek as well.