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Time to Reign in the Celebration and Focus on 2017

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One Last Hurrah

In many ways, Monday night served as Cubs fans’ last chance to openly bask in the glow of last year’s World Series victory. Then again, we’re talking about Cubs fans here – they’ll continue to celebrate regardless – and if things go well again this season, the celebration may fail to cease for the entire summer.

But Monday night marked the last real opportunity to celebrate the 2016 season in isolation; from here on out, the focus should be on 2017. And considering the forward-thinking mentality of the front office, the coaching staff and the roster, I think the focus will be there. This isn’t an easily distracted ball club.

Lords of the Rings

Tonight, of course, will feature one more ceremony directly related to last year’s Fall Classic: the issuing of World Series rings to members of the organization. This ritual, however, is geared more toward the players and personnel than the fans, and it won’t be nearly the spectacle Monday night’s home opener was.

There is one interesting nugget about the ring ceremony I’d like to point out: Jason Heyward recently confirmed that each World Series ring will boast at least 108 diamonds – yet another nod to the 108-year gap between titles on the North Side. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how excessively gaudy these things turn out to be.

Turning the Page

I hate to rain on some Cubs fans’ parades, but when tonight’s first pitch has been thrown, the celebration is officially over. It’s still okay to reminisce and soak in our status as the defending champs, but it’s time to shift our primary focus to the present. And there are plenty of issues to focus on.

For example, the perpetual construction zone that is Wrigleyville. For those who attended the home opener, what did you think of The Park at Wrigley? Does this new open-air plaza adjacent to the new six-story Cubs office building blend in well and add to the gameday experience, or was it too Disney for your tastes?

And on the field, how confident are you that we’re seeing the true resurgence of Jason Heyward? Can Almora keep up his torrid pace at the plate? What’s your confidence level in the bullpen? Is Kyle Schwarber turning into the “Gronk of the MLB” as some fans have claimed?

Would love to hear your feedback as the Cubs continue their first homestand tonight!


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