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When will it ever end?

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Today’s loss marked the seventh consecutive loss; during the last six games the Cubs have scored a total of five runs. This is nothing less than anemic and it’s time that changes should be made. Ironically Derrek Lee (who has hit safely in 12 of his 27 at bats) was forced to sit today due to flu symptoms, his lack of production is one of the main reasons the Cubs are a .500 team but he is our hottest hitter.

I’m starting to wonder why we have so many role players that don’t produce. Every team is going to have periods when their best hitters don’t hit; when that happens they substitute their role players and soon the big bats come back and start hitting. Our bench guys come in and they seem to make things worse – I like the job that Scales is doing (although he is not hitting well any more) but I’m very disappointed in what Aaron Miles and Ryan Freel are bringing to the ballpark. These guys look like Neifi and Jose Macias did and they really handcuff the team as they occupy bench space that more productive hitters could take. IMO Jim Hendry should look at moving or DFA’ing at least one of these guys. I still like the idea of getting DeRosa back. And why are we benching Hill in favor of Soto? If any guy deserves some “rest” no one is more deserving than Geo.

It’s also getting a little frustrating seeing the Cubs go up to the plate and hack at pitches instead of working counts. Way too many low pitch counts for opposing starters, too many fly balls. Are the Cubs coaches talking about this? I like the input that Perry and Piniella can give hitters but why haven’t they turned this trend around?

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  • Nathan

    I think the aenemic offence is totally attributed to the lack of fear of Derrek Lee (once everyone figured out he will chase the low away slider, he has been horrible regarless of sickness or injury; btw, when DLee is 12 for 27 with 1 HR and that is the bright spot you know things are bad. That would have been the weak link last year) an the fact that Ramirez is out of the lineup. Those guys make the other “role players” see better pitches. The strikeout totals are staggering also. Last year, the Cubbies did a nice job of playing small ball and winning those one run games. This year, they have not won when they have scored less than 4 runs. I am one of the few that believes the DeRosa move was a good one. However, the success of the other role players is based on the fact that there will be runners on base so they see better pitches. In my opinion the lineup should be switched around a bit. Theriot, Fukodome, Lee, Bradley, Ramierez, Soriano, Soto, Fontenot would be the best lineup. That balances the lefty bats and the righties at the top and gives Fukodome and Bradley a better chance to see good pitches.

    Of course, that would mean that everone would actually be healthy at the same time. Fortunately for the Cubs, all the injuries aside, they are only 4 games out early in the season. If the starters can be more consistent, the bats will come around when the lineup gets back to normal.

    I still think the Cubs win the division by 2 games over the Cards. They will probably trade some young pitching and a utility player for Peavy as it is clear the Padres want to deal him. The player on the block next should be Lee. As much as I love him, heaing towards the mid 30s and his lack of production over the last 3 years is reason enough. The Cubs could get the pitching prospects back the will lose to get Peavy and give Hoffpauir a chance at first to play everyday.

  • I’m very disappointed in what … Ryan Freel are bringing to the ballpark.

    You can tell that by Freel’s 10 plate appearances? Really?

  • Doc Raker

    Lou has a difficult job in trying to shake things up. RJ deserves more playing time and so does Hoffa. If Dlee is showing signs of life, albeit without much power, he needs to be moved out of the 3 hole. Lou mused over moving Soriano back to 2b, why not try him at 3b, how much worse can it get. Moving Soriano back to the infield allows you to get Hoffa, Fuko and RJ in the OF while keeping Dlee back into the line up. Keep TheRiot, Fontenot and KHill in the line up also.

    Line up: TheRiot, Fuko, Soriano, Hoffa, RJ, Dlee, Font, KHill

    If I was Lou I would at least work Soriano out at 3b, if he shows any kind of apptitude for it I would try it out. If he looks awful then you have to pull one of those outfielders out of the line up and insert that $10M per atrocity Milkit.

  • cap’n obvious

    Bradley running his yap in the media that the umpires are conspiring against him and widening his strike zone is about the dumbest thing he could possibly do. If they weren’t before, they certainly will now. He might be the all-time biggest bust of a free agent signing before its over. What a moron. No way any other team would ever take him off Hendry’s hands now, either. A complete waste of $20 million.

    Soriano can not be moved to third. The ball gets there too fast, and he would not have time to hop before fielding the ball.

  • Doc Raker

    Let’s not overstate Milkit’s signing as the worst, after all remember Barry Zito and Andruw Jones. So maybe he comes in third.
    Complain about the umpires, intensity or stupidity? Remember the ‘we like his intensity’ spin the Cubs management and Milkit’s teammates were using to spin Milkit’s poor behavior. He is just giving us more of the same of what a misbehaving malcontent gives you. Oh, but he got some hit’s tonight so all is well.

    We need someone at third other than Miles, Freel or Fontenot, didn’t KHill play 3b in the minor’s? Lou, try everyone out at 3rd, heck sign Brooks Robinson, he could probably still hit better than AAron Miles at least.

  • He might be the all-time biggest bust of a free agent signing before its over. … A complete waste of $20 million.

    Wow… you can already tell that he is a complete waste, 40 games into his first season on the team? And all-time biggest busts? Really?

    That is funny…