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Good news and bad news

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Obviously the good news is that Carlos Zambrano will be returning from the DL tonight; Carlos has admitted that he will be taking it easy on the basepaths (as well he should.) The bad news is he will be taking Rich Harden’s spot on the roster – Rich appears headed to the disabled list with lower back trouble that he allegedly got while running the bases. What’s gonna be next?

It was reported on many sources that Lou Piniella has a nuclear option, i.e. returning Soriano to playing second base. Would it not make just as much sense having Soriano come in to pitch? As Steve Stone has said of many players, Alfonso “has the hands of a sturgeon.” All of this makes for much hilarity on the Cubs blogs but I think there’s a method to Lou’s madness. Let’s see if our second basemen begin hitting the ball starting tonight.

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  • cap’n obvious

    I wouldn’t hate the idea of Soriano at 2B…provided we have 3 outfielders left who are better hitters than Fontenot and Scales. Right now, I see Hoffpauir and Fukodome hitting well…I suppose Reed J. would be the 3rd outfielder. Bradley still stinks. So whichever two stinks the least of Fontenot, Scales, Reed J. and Bradley should play. Or maybe Hoffpauir at 1st and we wrap DLee in newspaper to keep the smell of him down. Even if it means Soriano has to get the small glove out and hop before fielding ground balls, I think Lou has to find 8 position players who can hit or at least have productive at bats before the Cubs find themselves 10 games out in June. Maybe you are right, and Lou will just have Alf take a few fungoes at 2nd to light a fire under Fontenot and Miles (wouldn’t need be a large fire obviously).

    Who didn’t see the pre-June visit to the DL for Harden coming last December? The guy is a figurine.

    I miss Steve Stone. Nothing against Brenly. I just liked Stoney better.

    Might be time to move Vitters to AA. You hate to rush a kid to the bigs, but I wouldn’t waste any time getting him through the system to AAA.

  • Mark Strickler

    IMO the Captain has some valid arguments. Clearly he doesn’t hate the idea of Soriano at second (although I have a lot of fear in that respect.) But isn’t that the same kind of fear that some people have when it comes to giving Jake Fox *a chance* to fail at the major league level? Doesn’t everybody deserve a look? Cap’n also says that Lou has to find some productive bats – isn’t that the Cubs most glaring need?

    Insofar as Harden is concerned, it looks to this writer that the jury’s still out. The Cubs seem to be handling Rich with kid gloves – if he sneezes he’s DLed or watched. I too miss Stoney, loved his commentary. But, alas he has gone to the Dark Side. Vitters should promote next to Daytona, what’s going to really benefit him is different viewpoints and personality meshes. What makes this Cubs organization really different is that we have some quality teachers now. Jody, Ryno, Bobby Dickerson, Von Joshua, at each level a player can pick something up.

    I’d hate to rush Vitters but we have to see how resilient Ramirez is to injuries as he gets older. Sometimes you have to rush even if you don’t intend to – just ask the Nashville Sounds. They had to rush an unpolished 3B to Pittsburgh named Aramis Ramirez. He made a lot of errors but he panned out.

  • Might be time to move Vitters to AA. You hate to rush a kid to the bigs, but I wouldn’t waste any time getting him through the system to AAA.

    Take a look at his K/BB numbers. They are awful.

    Don’t get me wrong – Vitters intrigues me. But if he doesn’t improve his plate discipline, he will get torn apart at the higher level minor leagues, and especially in the big leagues.

  • Not all that early anymore, is it, Cub fans? A quarter of the season gone, we are still in shouting distance of first place, but this season is showing signs of the stink of disaster. Disaster from every area. Who next to the injured list?

  • Not all that early anymore, is it, Cub fans?

    Actually yea, it still is early.

    this season is showing signs of the stink of disaster.

    Disaster? Really? The Cubs are on pace to win 87 games, even though they have spent significant time without Lee, ARam, Zambrano, and Bradley, and even though they have 4 starters hitting in the low .200’s.

    Again… its way too early to panic.

  • By the way… the Cubs are 11-7 in May (before tonight’s game). That pace would win 99 games in a 162 game season.

    Is that really the “stink of disaster?”

    Nothing like a small losing streak to move so many Cubs fans to the ledge…

  • Hey how is moving Sori to 2nd going to help anything I do believe he is hitting like 260 now and is a major reason why there offense has struggled the last week, he is the most frustrating player I can ever remember. Watching and his offensive slumps would not be so bad if he were actually looking like he cares what is going on in the outfield.
    Last year at least he was able to throw out a ton of runners but this year his throws have been badly off line.

  • Doc Raker

    Scoring 2 runs in 4 games pretty much stinks to me. How many season’s of disaster have we seen in recent years when we were expecting to contend? 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 all wear stink disasters when expecting to contend. So being overly fatalistic when you see so much team stink going on has some validity to it due to the Cubs history.

    The one thing Lou does do well is make adjustments before the stink shapes the season. Dusty made few adjustments and when he did it was way to late, remember Alou’s first year? Reminds me of Bradley this year. Remember the decline of Sosa and the soap opera that occured in moving him out of the 3 hole? I forsee a similar dilema for Lou with Dlee but I think they both will handle it with class. Remember our 1b power hitter after Dlee went down in 2006, Todd Walker? The Aram injury is eerily similar.

    There are definetly eery similarities to Cub stink disasters of recent history.

    Hopefully Lou will make some adjustments and find some offense in this roster, but the moves Hendry made in this offseason already had many of us worried before pitch one in April.

    If only a blogger championed the signing of Adam Dunn this offseason we might not be in this mess, Sherm.

  • Scoring 2 runs in 4 games pretty much stinks to me.

    Its four games. Not exactly worth panicking about.

  • MJ

    2008 Longest Losing Streak – 6 (Aug 30 to Sep 5)
    2007 Longest Losing Streak – 6 (May 27 to Jun 2)
    2006 Longest Losing Streak – 8 (May 2 to May 9)
    2005 Longest Losing Streak – 8 (Jun 30 to Jul 7 and Aug 3 to Aug 10)
    2004 Longest Losing Streak – 5 (May 25 to May 29, Jul 5 to Jul 10 and Sep 28 to Oct 2)

    2003 Longest Losing Streak – 4 (Jun 25 to Jun 28)

    Yeah, five game losing streaks mean the season is complete disaster mode. :rolleyes:

    It’s not the streak, it’s how many times it happens.

  • Doc Raker

    Dlee goes yard and the Cubs hold a lead for 4 innings, woohoo! Stay tuned for a multi run game coming soon.

  • Yes, the stink of disaster grew worse tonight. 5 games, 3 runs, 0 things to be pleased with. Do we all remember 1985? High hopes after a division title, a true ace in Rick Sutcliffe, an MVP in Ryne Sanderg . . . I remember all five starters on the DL and I remember Paul Noce at 2B when Sandberg and Dunston were both on the DL. An ugle season that took 3 years to overcome. That kind of disaster is what I am smelling. Do we all remember 2004? The Cubs, favored to win the NL and the Series, ready to bounce back from 3 straight losses to the Marlins in the playoffs. And then games lost by poor pitching, terrible fielding, strange baserunning. And people saying how early it was, how much time we had. Until the LaTroy Hawkins fold in New York and the Kerry Wood meltdown on a Sunday afternnon, and the team did not even make the wild card. That kind of disaster is what I am smelling. And the aftereffects of 2004 included a 98-loss season if I recall.
    Sure, it is early enough that the disaster might be averted. But the stink is in the air and this team needs something good to happen. Now. Maybe Lou needs to let it out. The worst umpire in baseball, Doug Eddings, will be at 3B tomorrow; maybe Lou can shake things up. We can only hope.