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November 2004



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Every now and then I come accross something that makes me glad that I am a baseball fan. Today, that something was the following news story. Since I know people are too lazy to click links, I will post the jist of the article.

Soccer exec drives car onto field, tries to run over ref

CHISINAU, Moldova — The chairman of a Moldovan soccer team became so incensed when a penalty kick was awarded to the opponent he drove his car onto the field and tried to run over the referee. No one was hurt, and the game was called off.

During Saturday’s first division game in Floreni between Roso Floreni and Politehnica Chisinau, referee Vitalie Onica gave Politehnica a penalty kick with the score 1-1.

After Politehnica made the kick, Roso chairman Mihai Macovei drove onto the field and attempted to run over the referee several times. Onica dodged the car each time.

Macovei left the field and was stopped by police officers when he tried to return, Politehnica coach Ion Caras. Macovei has made no comment.

The Moldovan soccer federation Monday fined Macovei about $1,900, and an investigation is under way.

What the heck is wrong with these creepy soccer fans? When I have kids, there is no way they are playing this crazy, psycho sport. It’s baseball all the way. We need to thank God that Alou and Merker and the rest of the 2004 team did not follow suit and try to kill the umps. We could be faced with having to replace a lot more positions than we do, because our players would have been banned from the game.