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May 2009



  • mastrick (at work)

    Apparently Peavy has potential issues when it comes to working for Ozzie (imagine that.) Aaron Poreda appears to be the centerpiece of the deal.

  • rob

    Seemingly if the Cubs want him they need to act now. I am not sure they will but I always thought they got the pieces in the DeRosa deal to go out and get him in the future.

  • MJ

    I guess Scott Linebrink is saying it’s still 50/50, as Peavy doesn’t know if he’ll like Ozzie.

    I’m beginning to think Peavy is one big primadonna.

  • Mastrick

    Peavy rejected the trade, didn’t sound too thrilled about it judging from what Linebrink said. Think he’s holding out on the Cubs or possibly even the Brewers.