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March 2017



Morning News – Funny Things From The Past, Season Tickets, Javy Tag

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The last time I penned a piece for VFTB was January ’16. Upon logging in to the VFTB WordPress dashboard I saw all of my prior efforts lined up like pleading rants. Rants asking for a miracle, or what I thought would be a miracle. Silly concepts that would bring a mere sniff of a World Series to the north side. Of course, the one post that stuck out, and the one I actually decided to read from my previous drivel, was the last one I wrote before the 2o16 season started.  The one from last January, the one where I gave my wishes and plotted out the perfect scenario for a winning season, which in all its glory had me pining for the services of Kevin Kiermaier?  Really?

I also went on to talk about Dexter Fowler and his “challenges” with free agency last year up to that point in January.  I opined that he may be a nice short term rental for a year but I didn’t want the Cubs to pay the money he was looking for at that time. I had all but written him off to some other team and what’s worse, I also got caught up in Jorge Soler and what I thought might be a huge bat in our lineup. There is a reason why I do not scout baseball for a living folks!

All of that said, after re-reading some of my musings from a little over a year ago, I couldn’t help thinking what would have been if the Cubs didn’t sign Fowler.  What happens if we bring in Kiermaier instead? Do we win the Series? The lasting image or moment that I have of Dexter Fowler will be the one many will have from game 7.  A leadoff homerun which consisted of a backwards trot after rounding first base, pointing at the dugout and rallying his team, with all of the passion of a kid on the playground. Thanks god for small miracles, eh?

Not just season tickets…

2017 Season ticket packages showed up this week in the mail and some people got some cool stuff! Check out this guy on twitter! He has pictures up in his feed of all the swag they sent him. One of the coolest things in that box was a picture of the outfield wall that people chalked up with all sorts if awesomeness.  I am corny, but I loved the concept, and the picture is a nice touch in the package.

Javy Tag…

I feel like the Javy Tag is going to become a thing like The Macarena, The Harlem Shuffle, or The Dab.  Dudes are gonna start flying past their buddies in the office and in a last second effort do a flying twisting swipe tag. The goal of which would probably be to clip a testicle or something on the swipe, taking your buddy down for the count in the process.  I don’t know, get creative with it! I am gonna try it tomorrow on somebody to see how it goes over but until then here is some inspiration.  In his latest edition, Javy went “no-look” and pointed at the catcher before he even slaps it on:


  • Brad Lyerla

    It might be time for Mike Bryant to lower his visibility a little.

    • Jerry in Wisconsin

      What did he do now?

      • Chet

        Yah, what did he do?

      • Brad Lyerla

        Going to the ring ceremony. Wants to wear Kris’ ring for the first year.

  • Doc Raker

    Jay being Javy, I think that was a genuine celebration and not contrived, fun stuff.

    Who’s Kevin Kiermaier?

    • Seymour Butts

      Celebrity batch cooking chef. Some guy on the travel channel interviewed him years ago. “Taste of something or other.”

    • Buddy

      Didn’t he play Hercules on TV a few years back?

    • He should develop a knuckleball and come back as Khevin Khiermaier.

  • Chet Chat!

    • Chet

      Haha! I remember Chet Chat, the greatest column that never was…..I think that was Lizzie’s idea

      • We could hit the archives and find out for sure.. or just be glad you’re​ back. Always really liked your stuff.. stick around.