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Morning News – Hendricks, Cardinals, and Happ

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Finally the United States baseball team made their debut in the World Baseball Classic yesterday afternoon again Colombia.  Jose Quintana (who has been/is smack dab in the middle of swirling trade speculation) and Chris Archer looked primed for opening day as each pretty much had their way with the other teams lineup.  Adam Jones provided all the offense the U.S. would need as they won the opener, 3-2.  I did find myself yelling at the television at a couple of moments during the game last night.  Took me straight back to the World Series last year.  I get it…but I really wish that more high profile players wanted to be on this U.S. team.  Nonetheless, the U.S. had better pull up their bootstraps because they have the Dominican Republic Saturday evening.  Their lineup is peppered with MLB’ers.


3 innings, one hit, no runs, 4 strike outs, no walks.  That was Kyle’s stat line from his start yesterday against the Seattle Mariners.  This guy is ready.  He is not only ready for opening day…he is ready to make that leap to being a number one starter.  Yeah, I know Joe Maddon told reporters on Thursday that he thinks Kyle will “have” to regress some with the kind of numbers he put up last year, but he keeps going out on the mound (even in spring training), and dominating.  Kyle has come a LONG way from the kid who would just “throw” instead of “pitch”.  More and more of me is starting to look forward to his next start which has not ever been the case before.

Cardinals Suck

How about that for a title of a shirt, Coach Mike Matheny?  If any of you missed it, Matheny stirred up some emotions after telling reporters that he thought there were T-shirts somewhere about winning at home.  You don’t have to be a genius to know that what he was saying was a jab at Maddon and his shirts that he sells for charity.  I was hoping that this day would come.  No, not the day when the St. Louis Cardinals skipper wants to be super pumped about his 6-0 record at home, IN SPRING TRAINING.  I was hoping for this day when the Cubs were World Series Champs, the Cardinals couldn’t stand it any longer, then tried to play the annoying kid who constantly stirred things up until it was time for a beat down to occur.  Get ready Cardinals.  Your beat down is coming…again.


Very nice performance in the DH spot for Mr. Ian Happ.  This dude can rake! 4-5, 4 RBI’s and pushed his spring training average to .375.  This is going to be very interesting to keep watch of during the season.  Interesting on a couple of counts.  One, how will his year be in the minors and how close will he be for The Show?  Two, what will the Cubs do to make room for this guy?  Great problems to have.

Who We Got Next

The Cubs play the Colorado Rockies on Saturday at 2:05 CT.  Jon Lester makes his second start of the spring against Tyler Chatwood.

  • Dork

    It would be amazing if Hendricks put up the numbers he did last year. He was absolutely money in the playoffs.

    • JTBarrett16

      Kyle Maddux. Are you joining us for San Diego, Dork?

      • Dork

        Probably not although my wife’s neice does live out there so there is that but I probably will spend my summer camping and fishing w the kids

      • JTBarrett16

        It’s May 29-31. Memorial Day and then Tuesday and Wednesday after

  • JTBarrett16

    I wish the NL had the DH. It would help with our problem of too many talented players a little. Schwarber could hit 150 HRs if he played DH full time

  • Doug S.

    Raker – Schwarbs hits 83 jacks this year.
    CAPS – See your 83 and raise you 21 – 104
    CAPS raises self – 150 if he DHs
    Going once……

    • Guy Karafa

      Using todays game as basis , 1 of 3 at bats is a homer , assuming 660 at bats in the leadoff spot , we’re looking closer to 220 . Granted , that is a limited sample , but I’m thinking it’s good.

      • Doug S.


  • Doc Raker

    I was listening to the game today on the Rockies radio network and they were talking about how Schwarbs is such a good hitter and then boom- Schwarbs went yard. Right on cue. Many more to come.