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November 2004




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Samuel Peralta Sosa is a jerk. He firmly believes himself to be the greatest player in the game. I do not want him to be a Cub next year. Why do I feel that way about the guy who has hit more home runs in the history of the franchise?
When you’re a star in major league baseball, it’s your belief that a)you’re better than everyone else, b) that your willingness to work like a maniac that makes you that way, and c) your belief that you have to do anything you can do to push yourself beyond just better and into being the best, that marks the difference between Wade Boggs and Jeff Manto. Guys express it in different ways, like Walter Payton’s fanatic hill workouts and Ken Caminiti’s steroid use. When the press (and fans) loved Sosa, the spotlight brought out the best elements of those beliefs. Now that they’re questioning his perfection, the bad side has become evident.
Some superstars are able to age gracefully. Those superstars are the ones that keep that egotistical dark side to themselves.
Barry Bonds is a complete ass, Sammy Sosa is a jerk. These are undeniable facts. But the things that make Sosa a jerk are the things that turned him from 1995 Sosa into 1998 Sosa. It’s not going to reverse his career decline and it’s not an excuse for his crybaby behavior.
That’s my hypothesis, and I’m sticking to it. I’d just like the tests to be performed in another city.